Reflective fabric for clothing

Reflective fabric is a kind fabric with the reflective features, and the reflective fabric has different colors even rainbow and holographic effect, so the reflective fabric is always applied in fashionable clothing sewing, and safety clothing. It can be used in safety vests and harnesses, reflective work clothes, reflective raincoats, reflective rain gear, reflective safety raincoat, reflective sportswear, backpack with reflective strips, safety reflective gloves, rainbow reflective shoes, and hard hat reflective tape.

safety reflective jacket

Applications of reflective fabric

Reflective fabrics are very commonly used in our daily lives. It can be used in safety vests and harnesses, reflective work clothing, safety coats reflective, rain gear, police raincoat, reflective sportswear, reflective stickers for backpacks, safety reflective gloves, reflective shoes with reflective paint and union hard hat stickers, etc.

Rainbow Reflective Hat

The rainbow reflective hat is made of the rainbow holographic reflective fabric, display a kind of fashion element. XW reflective provides this holographic reflective fabric for wholesale, product parameters as follow:

rainbow reflective hat

Product Name reflective fabric for hat
Rainbow reflective fabric XW8003-B Sew on T/C reflective fabric
Rainbow reflective tape XW8003-A Heat reflective material
Iridescent reflective fabric XW8003-C Sew on polyester reflective tape
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Perforated Reflective Hat

XW Reflective provides the wholesale perforated reflective fabric for clothing or hat, with the soft touch feeling and reflective feature, which can keep your safe on the road because of the reflective feature.

Product Name reflective fabric for hat
Perforated reflective fabric XW2606-2B-C Sew on polyester or TC reflective fabric
Spandex perforated reflective tape XW4002-C Sew on reflective tape
Segment reflective tape  Heat reflective tape
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perforated reflective hat

Reflective Fabric for Clothing

The reflective fabric is made of enclosed glass beads that comply with different types of fabric,  such as T/C, polyester, cotton, aramid cotton, spandex fabric, etc, display a kind of fashion element and safety purpose. XW reflective provides all sorts of reflective fabric for wholesale, product parameters as follow:

dots printed reflective fabric

Product Name reflective fabric for clothing
Printed reflective fabric Sew on reflective material for fashion garments
FR reflective tape Sew on reflective tape for firemen clothing
Silver reflective tape  Sew on reflective material for construction clothing
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The reflective fabric can also cut as characters or silk-screened trademarks and images. In addition, reflective films can also cut as characters or silk-screened trademarks and images, which can also be directly attached to the leather or unexpected appearance.

Reflective fabric is a high-tech product, widely used in traffic safety equipment, reflective uniforms, reflective work clothes, reflective film, protective clothing, etc., which are closely related to the safety of human life and property.

Advantages of reflective fabric

Reflective fabric always shows its products in our daily life, is not only superior to similar products of other brands in reflective effect but also has a wide-angle feature, that is, the reflective fabric or mesh fabric for clothing can still achieve our standing reflective effect when light enters from a large point of view in terms of the surface of the reflective fabric.

Reflective fabric for clothing has advantages of outstanding aging resistance, abrasion resistance and washing resistance, which can be washed or dry cleaned, not easy to fall off.

After continuous washing, it can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

rainbow reflective puffer jacket reflective work jacket

No matter day or night, the reflective fabric always can reflect the direct light from a distance back to the luminous place, shows its outstanding retroreflective optical function. Reflective winter work clothes made of this high-visibility reflective fabric can be easily spotted by night drivers regardless of whether the wearer is in a distant place or disturbed by light or scattered light.

This kind of cloth is also very good at cleaning,  and it is easy to dry after washing. Especially in special occupations, this kind of light-reflective fabric is selected for many company work clothes.

rainbow reflective puffer jacket


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