Produits de matériaux réfléchissants

XW Reflective est un important fabricant de matériaux réfléchissants de 10 ans d’expérience, spécialisé dans la recherche et le développement de bandes de tissu rétro-réfléchissantes et de films luminescents, fournit principalement des tissus réfléchissants à prix de gros, des feuilles de vinyle réfléchissantes et des films photoluminescents, etc. pour le fournisseur de gilet de sécurité réfléchissant, le fabricant de veste réfléchissante, fournisseurs de feuilles réfléchissantes ou usine de panneaux de signalisation dans le monde entier.

Atelier de réflexion XW pour la production

Reflective sheeting slitting process

Processus d’emballage de feuilles réfléchissantes

Reflective sheeting printing station

Processus de revêtement de perles de verre réfléchissantes

screen printing reflective sheeting

Processus d’impression d’écran de feuille réfléchissante

reflective material slitting

FAQ Guide du matériau réfléchissant

Reflective material is a function material, main products are reflective sheeting and reflective fabric, both reflective materials contain micron index reflective glass beads, that reflect light back to the source, such as a headlight. Reflective materials are for road safety and personal safety purpose, nowadays, reflective fabric are also popular for fashion garments, and reflective sheeting can apply for commercial signs application.

During rain or sunny, reflective material will help provide on the job visibility needs, the water will not destroy the reflectivity.

Reflective material is composed of index 1.93 or 2.2 micro reflective glass beads, coated on one side with aluminum, this is called a reflective layer. Reflective fabric always combines with a different types of fabrics, such as polyester, T/C, cotton, flame retardant fabric, etc.  Whereas reflective sheeting will be sealed onto plastic substrates, such as PET, PMMA, PC, and coating with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.

Reflective clothing is made of ordinary clothing, such as jacket, a t-shirt with reflective material, this reflective material is so-called reflective fabric tape. Reflective fabric includes T/C reflective fabric, polyester reflective fabric, rainbow reflective fabric, reflective heat transfer vinyl. The main application is sewing and hot pressing according to different materials and designs.

Reflective material is for reflecting lights back to the source light, people search reflective material, this may for reflective material for clothing, traffic signs, but also this is for grow room, windows, solars, these film also called reflective film. XW Reflective is producing reflective material for clothing, traffic signs, license plate, for more accurate, this is called retro-reflective material.

XW Reflective is based in Huangshan City, China, for heat reflective material, if you are using for yourself, you can order small roll from us through alibaba platform, if you are distributor, you are considering new supplier, you can get small A4 sample for sample testing, and future order will be by the sea.

Reflective material is also called retro-reflective material, the simplest retroreflector is a glass sphere or bead. When a light beam, such as headlight, is directed at it, the majority of the light will bounce off, but a significant amount passes through the front surface, and it bent or refracted towards the center of the rear surface. Some light hitting the rear surface of the glass beads is internally reflected back through the front surface of the bead and reflective onto a course parallel to the direction from where it came.

how does reflective material work

The micro reflective glass beads on the reflective clothing can be worn off if you choose rough treatment, which is not to throw the reflective garments with your work jeans. You can wash the reflective garment inside out. Do not use fabric softener or bleed.

You can dampen a soft cloth in cold water, try not too wet or dry, otherwise the shoes will be too wet or you just can not get clean. Rub some mild soap into the wet cloth, such as hand soap or detergent that does not contain any sodium hydroxide. Brush the soapy cloth over the reflective material, you can scrub harder or lighter depending on the condition of your shoes, and put your shoes in the room, not under the sun.

XW Reflective do not produce this type of reflective material.

XW Reflective do not produce this type of reflective material.

XW Reflective do not produce this type of reflective material.