Plotter Cutting

Plotter Cutting Commercial/Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl XW5100

XW5100 PET Commercial Grade computer plotter cutting and die-cutting Reflective Sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed sealed into a rigid PET substrate. It is suitable for plotter cutting and UV digital print. Please do not use it for screen print, normal digital print etc.

Screen Print Hi Vis PET High Intensity Reflective Films XW1600

XW1600 PET High-Intensity Grade reflective sheeting is encapsulated lens beaded sealed with PET layers,  this retroreflective sheeting is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 3 years, mainly for temporary traffic signage, reflective letters, bike wheels, etc. Generally, PET is only can be plotter cutting, due to the surface is treatment PET which can also can be screen print.

Plotter Cutting Commerial Grade Reflective Sheeting XW3100

Plotter cutting Reflective Sheeting Commercial Grade is consists of retroreflective glass beads coating onto a PET substrate, and coated with a transparent pressure-senstive adhesive. With feature of easy to cut, thus this reflective sheeting is suitable for computer cutting. Please do not use it for screen print, digital print etc.