Reflective Material Guide By Application

XW Reflective is a leading reflective material manufacturer from China, specialized in enclosed glass beaded type reflective sheeting and reflective fabrics. The reflective materials of XW Reflective are mainly applied in kinds of roadway safety, such as city roads’ reflective traffic signage, high reflection highway reminder signs, reflective barricade, reflective construction warning signage & reflective traffic cones; or used as reflective commercial signs for emergency reflective exit signs, number letters, graphics signs, etc.

Reflective fabrics products are mainly used for personal safety, the representative reflective fabric product is a safety vest. But now, high visibility clothing begins to be popular in the normal cloth fashion, in order to protect people from the accident in public areas.

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♦ Reflective material application

Reflective material is divided into reflective sheeting and reflective fabric according to the different backing material making.

The reflective fabric is softer than reflective sheeting, can be used for reflective clothing fashion, and can be cut as reflective tape to decorate the fashion clothing or made as sportswear, safety raincoat, safety vest, safety jacket directly. In addition, the reflective fabric can be made as iridescent fabric or holographic fabric, which is popular in reflective fashion clothing and reflective rainbow bag.

The reflective sheeting vinyl can be made as a suitable reflective vinyl according to the real application. Some reflective acrylic sheeting has features of screen printing, plotter cutting, die-cutting, can be used for reflective road signs, engineer grade reflective film, temporary traffic signing, construction zone signage; and some others reflective sheets apply in highway high intensity warning traffic signs, embossed license plate, and street signs according to their reflectivity or digital printing feature.


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