XW Reflective – Fireproof reflective fabrics are made from premium cotton or aramid reflective fabric. Reflective tape fabric can enhance the visibility of reflective products during the poor light or nighttime condition, and suitable for use in firefighting and rescue reflective clothing. Our flame retardant fabric certified by UL, SATRA, TEXTEST to comply with EN 469, NFPA 701, NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971, EN 14116, EN 20471, ANSI 107, CSA-Z96, EN 14116, ASTM F 1506 etc.

♦ FAQs For Fire-Resistant Reflective Tape

  •  What’s the difference between cotton and aramid backing flame retardant reflective tape?

Cotton is treated by flame retardant agent, while aramid is innate flame retardant. The cotton backing is more economical compared with aramid one. Customers can choose according to their own requirements.

  •  How is the washing performance of fire-resistant reflective tape?

Our silver and warning FR reflective tape can be home washed (according to ISO 6330) or dry cleaned (according to ISO 3175) for over 50 cycles.

  •  Can you provide perforated flame retardant reflective tape?

Yes. we can provide perforated FR reflective tape with or without sewing line. Please contact our sales for more details.

♦ FR Reflective Tape Compare List

Code Reflection (cd/(lx.m²)) Color Backing Fabric Home Washing Dry Cleaning
FR reflective tape XW10002A >420 Silver Cotton 50 50
Fire retardant reflective fabric XW10002B 
>420 Yellow-Sliver-Yellow Cotton 50 50
Flame retardant reflective tape XW10002C >420 Orange-Sliver-Orange Cotton 50 50
Flame resistant reflective tape XW10002D >10 Fluorescent Yellow Cotton NA NA
Flame retardant reflective fabric XW10004A >420 Silver Aramid 50 50
Fluorescent yellow reflective tape XW10004B >420 Yellow-Sliver-Yellow Aramid 50 50
Fluorescent orange reflective tape XW10004C >420 Orange-Sliver-Orange Aramid 50 50
Fire reflective tape XW10004D >10 Fluorescent Yellow Aramid NA NA

*Flame Resistant Heat Transfer Reflective Films are available.

♦ Application For FR Reflective Sheeting

Sewn-on high visibility garment, sports wear, outdoor products: caps, bags, shoes etc. for road & utility workers, equipment operators, miners, and other professions where conspicuous visibility is critical to safety.


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