Photoluminescent Film

Photoluminescent film is also named glow in dark film, which is made of glow in dark powder and PVC or PET layers, mainly used for exit signs and supermarket signposts for the toilet, infant room sign, or fire escape signs etc.

PVC Digital Printable Photoluminscent Film XW10-31

XW Reflective supply photoluminescent film digital Printable, the code is XW10-31, with self-adhesive vinyl, intended for use on emergency signage in buildings. The luminescent vinyl will absorb any light source, and it will glow during poor lights, the glowing duration is different, you can choose your suitable ones, or talk with our sales team. 

PET Plotter Cutting Glow In Dark Tape XW10-11

luminescent tape is made of Photoluminescent pigment coating onto PET vinyl. The phosphor will absorb light radiation, then emit it back out, that's where glowing coming from.  The glowing in the dark signs absorbs any lights in day time, including the light energy, the stronger light source, the more radiation will absorb. Therefore,the glowing signs will glow in night time or dark.

♦ Why Photoluminescent Film Can Glow

This luminescent film absorb ambient light, can be charged by any source of lights as long as strong than 25LX light intensity, such as a standard lamp, and this luminescent film can glow high-intensity initial lighting in range 2-10 hours’ time, then with the time goes by, this luminescent film slowly decreases lighting intensity after 2-10 hours. Of course, the specific high-intensity glowing time of photoluminescent film depends on different level of the luminescent film. So this luminescent vinyl film is a self power signs, because the film requires no extra illumination to glow. In daytime, the photoluminescent film show greenish colour, and it glows bright green in the dark.

glowing in dark film

♦ What XW Reflective Produce

XW Reflective produce both PET and PVC type luminescent vinyl film, PET type can be plotter cutting, and PVC matte surface is suitable for eco solvent digital printing. We supply different glowing hours, thus to meet markets and application needs. The most popular glowing duration hours are 4-6 glowing hours, 6-8 glowing hours. The durability is 10 years in door, 3-5 years outdoor.

♦ Photoluminescent Film Application 

  • Evaculation guidelines signs
  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Budiling material signs,including handrails, stpes application
  • Personal protect material, including bikes, helmets
  • Toys and stationary
  • Interior decors

Photoluminescent Film

♦Luminescent Vinyl Film Advantage 

  • Non-radioactive
  • Non-toxic
  • Meets Phtoluminescent Safety Productsa Assocation
  • Easy to cut and operation
  • Self adhesive with Permanent

Our photoluminescent film materials can be purchased from China directly or our distributor locally,  With photoluminescent materials, any further inquiry, DROP US A MSG, we will reply you shortly.


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