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Photoluminescent Film Digital Printing

  • photoluminescent film digital printing | XW Reflective
  • photoluminescent film digital printing | XW Reflective
  • photoluminescent film digital printing | XW Reflective
Face Film PVC
Film Thickness 270 mics
Glowing Hours 2-4hrs, 4-6hrs, 6-8hrs, 8-10hrs, 10-12hrs
Durability 10 years indoor
Size 1.24M*45.7M
Release Liner 130 Gram Poly-coated paper liner
Feature Screen printing, digital printing


Why Photoluminescent Film Can Glow

Photoluminescent film is also named glow in dark film, which is made of glow in dark powder and PVC or PET layers. This luminescent film absorb ambient light, can be charged by any source of lights as long as strong than 25LX light intensity, such as a standard lamp, and this luminescent film can glow high-intensity initial lighting in range 2-10 hours’ time, then with the time goes by, this luminescent film slowly decreases lighting intensity after 2-10 hours. Of course, the specific high-intensity glowing time of photoluminescent film depends on different level of the luminescent film. So this luminescent vinyl film is a self power signs, because the film requires no extra illumination to glow. In daytime, the photoluminescent film show greenish colour, and it glows bright green in the dark.

Photoluminescent Film Digital Printable XW10-31 Description

XW Reflective supply photoluminescent film with feature of eco solvent digital Printing, the product code is XW10-31, The luminescent vinyl will absorb any light source, and it will glow during poor lights. Therefore the luminescent film is intended for use on emergency signage in buildings. The glowing duration is different, you can choose your suitable ones, or talk with our sales team.

XW Reflective has two types of photoluminescent vinyl, Glowing in Dark Tape XW10-11 and PVC Digital Print Photoluminescent Film XW10-31. PET material is excellent for plotter cutting, so it can be used for glow in the dark signs like EXIT signs. The PVC material is excellent for digital printing, so it can be used for advertisement and decoration sign.

Technical Data

  • Glowing Elements: Phosphor glowing powder
  • Durability: Indoor 10 years
  • Roll Sizes: 1.24M (W) x 45.7M, 48” (W) x 50 yards
  • Customized Width: Up to 124 cm
  • Glowing Hours Availability
Product Code XW10-31 XW10-32 XW10-33 XW10-34 XW10-35
Glowing Hours 2-4H 4-6H 6-8H 8-10H 10-12H
  • Film Thickness: 270 mic
  • Face Film: PVC
  • Adhesive: 40 mics permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Release Liner: 130 GSM Poly coated paper liner
  • Application Surface: Flat surface only such as aluminum
  • Application Temperature: 15℃ or higher by any of the following methods:
    • Mechanical squeeze roll applicator
    • Hand squeeze roll applicator
    • Hand application is recommended for copy only

Photoluminescent Film Video Show

Leading Time of Luminescent Lilm

  • We have regular stock of reflective fabric products for sale in the warehouse, if not, it will take 7-10 days to arrange reflective fabric production & shipment after deposits receive. Thus, please confirm with XW Reflective maufacturer before ordering our reflective tape material.

Quality Inspection

  • Raw material inspection: From face film to release paper, all the material will be strictly inspected before putting into production. We only use Qualified raw materials;
  • Production inspection: QC will cut production samples, bring it to our own lab then inspect brightness, stretch, thickness, etc.,also they will bring Brightness detector to production line and check for brightness.
  • Final inspection:We will sample test the final photoluminescent film, and also do inspection under client’s requested.


  • Inner packing: PET inner film + Plastic Bag + 2 pc Plastic Plug
  • Outer packing: 5 layers carton box with carton sealing nail
Model Size (M) Carton (M) N.W.  (KG) G.W. (KG) 20GP  (Roll)
XW10-31 1.24*45.7 1.31*0.24*0.26 26.7 30.2 360
  • *This data only for reference
  • *Please contact our staff for customized products.
  • *The data include the pallets size
  • Loading Port:Ningbo/Shanghai or other China port


  • Store the sheeting in a clean, dry area at 20 ℃ and 50% relative humidity and away from direct sunlight;
reflective material | photoluminescent film

reflective material | photoluminescent film