♦ Reflective Sheeting For Plotter Cutting And Vinyl Cutting

All reflective sheeting of XW Reflective can be plotter cutting as vinyl advertising sicker, adversting film. When used on promotion or advertisement, XW3100 reflective tape mode and XW5100 reflecvtive sheet are highly suggested.

Plotter Cutting Reflective Vinyl
Mode XW3100 XW5100
Durability 3 years 3 years
Reflection 8 40
Film Thickness 100mics 125mics
Face film PET PET
Release Liner 115g 130g

XW reflective cutting vinyl is made by PET material, with spider layer, glass shimmer, economical price and top quality,  has reflective effect, help our reflective material customer show their adversting words also eye-catching under the roadlight in the night. Thus our reflective cutting vinyl has a better advertisement effect than pvc cutting vinyl.

If you are interested in our reflective material or luminescent film from professional leading XW Reflective, or you want to know more about reflection product, welcome to  contact us and list your details for getting help.

♦ Ink Jet Digital Printing Reflective Vinyl

XW3300 is amazing for digital print and we would like to introduce it. It can use for Reflective Promotion Banner, Outdoor Advertisement, Car body Advertisement etc. Click below picture to check the details.

Mode Durability Reflection Film Thickness Face film Release Liner
XW3300 3 years 10 150mics PVC+PET 115g

XW3300 reflective mode is made by PVC & PET material, can be used in digital printing. This reflective sheet is great selection to be printed as reflective promotion banner, outdoor reflective advertisement sticker, reflective promotion banner etc. For more details about our reflective fabric production or parameters, please feel free to contact us.

♦ Screen Print  Reflective Advertisement Banner

Our hot sale reflective sheeting for Screen printing advertisement and promotion banner is XW3200., with factory price, good quality and features of self adhesive, waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-UV. For some better reflection one, also recommend our XW5200.

Mode Durability Reflection Film Thickness Face film Release Liner
XW3200 3 years 10 80mics Acrylic 115g
XW5200 5 years 50 115mics Acrylic 130g


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