Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

Commercial Grade also named as Advertising Grade Reflective Sheeting, Economic Grade Reflective Vinyl etc. It’s designs for economical use, the durability up to 1-3 years, mainly for advertising graphicpromotional signs, and Personality decoration.

XW Reflective Sheetings Products 

Digital Printable PrIsmatic PVC Reflective Banner XW3900

XW3900 reflective flex banner is a cost-saving quality commercial grade reflective sheeting, with a short life span, PVC reflective sheeting also popular in the reflective vinyl market, because this reflective vinyl is cheaper than acrylic resin reflective vinyl, mainly apply for eco-solvent digital printing signage requiring durability of up to 1 year, such as fast-moving reflective advertising graphic, promotional building reflective signs, and outdoor construction reflective signs, etc.

Plotter Cutting Commercial/Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl XW5100

XW5100 PET Commercial Grade computer plotter cutting and die-cutting Reflective Sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed sealed into a rigid PET substrate. It is suitable for plotter cutting and UV digital print. Please do not use it for screen print, normal digital print etc.

Pre-striped Barricade Reflective Sheeting XW3600

XW3600 PVC + Acrylic Commercial Grade Barrier sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto a substrate, with 3 years outdoor using life, support customized width up to 124CM. Moreover, this barricade reflective sheeting vinyl is suitable for plotter cutting and digital print, untearable. But please do not use it for screen print etc.

Screen Print PET Reflective Sheeting XW3500

XW3500 PET Corona screen printing film is an enclosed beaded retroreflective vinyl sheeting, consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto PET substrate, is designed for economical using, can reflect light to light source directly, enhance the visibility of the reflective final product, PET surface of reflective vinyl is corona treated and can be screen printed. So that this screen print PET reflective sheeting is intended for use on eco-solvent digital printing signage applications requiring durability of up to 1-3 years, mainly for reflective advertising graphic, reflective promotional signs, and labels.

Eco Solvent Digital Printable Custom Reflective Sign Sheeting XW3300

Eco solvent digital printable reflective sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto the substrate, with PET +PVC topy layer, so that this reflective vinyl sheet can be used to plotter cutting and digital print. But please do not use this printable reflective PET & PVC sheeting on screen print etc.

Helmet Reflective Tape Plotter Cutting Screen Printable XW3200J

XW3200J Acrylic Reflective Film is an upgraded version of the XW3200 screen printing reflective tape, mainly designed fo helmets reflective tape, with higher reflection coefficient and cheap price, hot selling in the market of Southeast Asian countries, Brazil etc. As we all know, this reflecitve sheeting is suitable for helmets reflective sticker with Motorcycle.

Acrylic Tearable Reflective Tape for Helmet

Helmet Reflective stickers is PMMA / acrylic resin type of commercial grade reflective sheeting, with enclosed glass beaded that sealed onto acrylic resins. This reflective stickers can use to plotter cutting and screen printing. Please do not use it on digital print etc. Since this is PMMA resins, the reflective vinyl has good outdoor durability up to 3 years, and flexible operation.

Commercial Grade Relfective Vinyl for Traffic Barrels

Reflective vinyl for traffic barrels is commercial grade type of reflective sheeting, the product code is XW3102, and the reflective vinyl is PET+Acrylic coating with reflective glass beaded sealed into PET substrate. The feature is better durability compare to PET solo, such as plotter cutting reflective sheeting XW3100, moreover, it is ideal to apply on screen printing and uv printing.

Plotter Cutting Commerial Grade Reflective Sheeting XW3100

Plotter cutting Reflective Sheeting Commercial Grade is consists of retroreflective glass beads coating onto a PET substrate, and coated with a transparent pressure-senstive adhesive. With feature of easy to cut, thus this reflective sheeting is suitable for computer cutting. Please do not use it for screen print, digital print etc.

The Production Process of Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

The production process for commercial grade reflective sheeting is the most simple ones for enclosed glass beaded reflective sheeting. For picture below is PET type commercial grade reflective vinyl production process, Face film is PET, the outdoor durability normally is 1 – 3 year depening on the weather condition, coating the Index 1.93 glass beaded onto PET vinyl, since it is economic grade reflective vinyl, we are mixing glass beads with adhesive together for coating. Then aluminium coating process for refletive layer, final process is coating permnant sensitive adhesive and 110 gram release paper liner.

commercial grade reflective sheeting production process

The Fast Guide for Commercial Grade Reflective Sheetings

Code Face Film Durability Reflection Size Feature
Screen Print Digital Print Plotter Cutting
Plotter cut reflective sheeting


PET 3 years 8 1M*50M;
Traffic sign reflective sheeting 


PET+ Acrylic 3 years 30 1.24M*45.7M
Reflective Sticker 


Acrylic 3 years 10 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Helmet reflective stickers 


Acrylic 3 years 40 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Digital print reflective vinyl


PET+ PVC 3 years 10 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Screen print reflective film


PET 3 years 10 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Flexible reflective vinyl 


Acrylic + PVC 3 years 10 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW4600 Acrylic +PVC Coating 3 years 10 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Refletive Prismatic Flex Banner


PVC Prismatic 1 years 100 1.35M-3.15M*50M N/A
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FAQ GUIDE of Commercial  Grade Reflective Sheet

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting is a type of reflective sheeting designed for economic purposes. It is also called Advertising Grade Reflective Sheeting or Economic Grade Reflective Vinyl.

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting is mainly used for advertising graphics, promotional signs, and personal decoration.

They are used to increase the visibility of advertisements and safety signs so they can be seen day and night when illuminated by a vehicle’s headlamp.

XW Reflective manufactures best-in-class and durable commercial-grade reflective sheeting by using the finest glass beads and super-efficient adhesive to give you optimum advertisement visibility.

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting has several applications which include:

  • Reflective advertising graphic
  • Promotional building reflective signs
  • Outdoor construction reflective signs
  • Labels
  • Barricades
  • Temporary work zone signs
  • Helmets reflective sticker with the motorcycle.

There are three main types of Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting. They are PET type, Acrylic type, and PVC type. The PET type is suitable for computer carving while the Acrylic type is best for screen printing. PVC type is ideal for digital printing.

Yes, our Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting is durable. They have a durability of 1- 3 years  for outdoor applications.

Some of the popular industries that use Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting are

  • Advertising industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Construction industry
  • Transportation and logistics industry

Within 3 working days, we can ship your ordered Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting to you when we have enough stock. When we don’t have enough stock, shipping can be done within 7 to 10 working days.

XW Reflective manufactures high quality, durable, and highly visible Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting. As a leading reflective material manufacturer, we supply long-lasting Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting to our customers around the world.

Our strict quality control measures, high capability, and unmatched expertise in the material reflective industry make us your one-stop supplier of long-lasting  Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting.

XW Reflective is your reliable Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting manufacturer. You should choose us because:

  • We offer top quality and highly visible Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting. We use high-quality glass beads in our manufacturing.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the reflective material film industry.
  • We are a CE certified supplier.
  • We offer different types of Economic Grade Reflective Sheeting that meet your requirement.  
  • We offer samples for quality checks and we accept trial orders.
  • We have a team of unmatched expert designers and engineers.
  • Our customer service is extraordinary.