Reflective Films For Traffic Sign

Reflective films are usually used for engineer safe products, made as safety reflective straps, police safety vest reflective, safety tape for trucks, etc. We often see reflective film product as traffic signs, like Street signs, Information Signs, Cautionary Signs, Mandatory Signs and so on, all of them have reflection feature to enhance the visibility of these signs, reduce traffic accident and avoid other unnecessary safety accident.

Reflective traffic signs & reflective road signs

Here are reflective films’ parameters from XW Reflective, please check.

Code Face Film Durability Reflection Size Feature
Screen Print Digital Print Plotter Cutting
XW5100 reflective sheeting for traffic signs
PET 3 years 40 1.24M*45.7M N/A N/A
XW5102 PET & Acrylic reflective sheeting for road safety
PET+ Acrylic 5 years 50 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW5200 acrylic reflective film for traffic signs
Acrylic 5 years 50 1.24M*45.7M N/A

Acrylic 5 years 40 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW5104 reflective sheeting from ChinaXW5104 PET + Acrylic 7 years 70 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW7200 Reflective sheeting for street signs
Acrylic 7 years 70 1.24M*45.7M N/A

High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting has a high reflective effect, range 200-288 reflection. These high-reflection materail can be used to manufacture as Highway Signs, Regulatory Signs, School Signs Gui Signs, etc. Drivers can see the reflective signs in a long distance because of high reflection. Here are high-intensity reflective films’ parameters of XW Reflective.

Code Face Film Durability Reflection Size Feature
Screen Print Digital Print Plotter Cutting
XW1500 high intensity reflective sheeting for sale


PVC 3 years 200 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW1600 brown reflective sheeting roll


PET 3 years 220 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW1700 high intensity reflective strips


PET + Acrylic 7 years 255 1.24M*45.7M
XW1800 hi vis reflective sheeting


Acrylic 10 years 288 1.24M*45.7M


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FAQ Guide for Reflective Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are thin sheets with symbols, numbers, shapes used to communicate to drivers or motorists on roads. But it can be difficult to see traffic signs at night. And invisible traffic signs can lead to accidents on roads at night.

To make traffic signs visible at night, they are coated with a reflective film that reflects light to a vehicle’s headlights. This helps drivers to see the symbols and instructions on traffic signs, thereby preventing accidents and ensuring safety on the road.

Reflective traffic signs work by the principle of retro-reflectivity. Retroreflectivity is the property of a material to reflect light that falls on it to its source.

Reflective traffic signs are made of glass or prismatic beads which are retro-reflective in nature. Prismatic beads are coated on a thin aluminum sheet or film. They are then designed into signs or shapes and used as traffic signs.

So, when light from a vehicle’s headlights falls on the traffic sign, the coated glass beads reflect it to headlights. This makes the reflective traffic signs visible at night and low visibility areas.

Traffic signs come in different forms. They include regulatory:

reflective traffic signs

  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Cautionary signs
  • Guide signs
  • Street signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Information signs

There are 8 main colors used for reflective traffic signs. These colors are:

  • red
  • yellow
  • white
  • orange
  • black
  • green
  • blue

Red colours are used as stop or prohibited signs. Yellow colours are for warning signs and white colours for regulatory signs. Orange colours are for construction signs and black for regulatory signs. Green colours are used for guide signs, blue colours for motorist services and brown colours for public recreation.

Yes, stop signs are reflective because they are coated with glass beads which repel light to its source.

Traffic signs are so reflective because they are made of prismatic glass beads that are retro-reflective in nature. This allows traffic signs to reverse light that falls on it to their source.

Yes, most traffic signs are made of aluminum. An aluminum sheet is covered with retro-reflective plastic film coating to reflect light at night or low visibility areas.

Aluminum is mostly used for traffic signs because it is lightweight but strong and does not rust. This makes aluminum ideal for outdoor traffic sign applications. Also, aluminum sheets can easily be customized and printed in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Different types of aluminum are used for reflective traffic signs, depending on the type of its application.

Some reflective traffic signs are also made of plastic. In this case, the retroreflective sheet is coated on a plastic object instead of aluminum. Most reflective traffic films made of plastic are temporal.

Reflective traffic signs have applications in a wide range of industries. Some of the top industries that use reflective traffic signs are:

  • Automobile industry
  • Construction industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

As a leading reflective sheeting manufacturer, XW Reflective specializes in manufacturing quality reflective films for your traffic signs.

Our high-intensity grade reflective sheeting can be used for highway signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, cautionary signs, school signs, information signs, etc.

XW Reflective offers you high-grade reflective sheeting like XW1500, XW1600, XW1700, and XW1800.

Yes, XW reflective can supply you with customized reflective films for your traffic signs.