Reflective fabric for clothing is made of the substrate, composite glue, reflective layer, and glass beads, which can reflect the stronger light back to emission lighting, enhance the visibility of people who wear it, remind others to pay more attention to the reflective clothing wearer.

Besides retroreflective fabric for safety clothing, XW retro-reflective fabric also contains soft, colorful, rainbow and printed reflective fabric for fashion clothing, casual garments. If you have any demands for reflective fabric, please feel free to contact us for more details, we’d like to serve you in the future.

Reflective fabric with TC back

TC/Poly Backing Reflective Fabric

XW reflective webbing ribbon

Reflective Webbing Ribbon

  • Oxford, Grosgrain tape, Webbing tape, Tricot fabric
  • Customizable Transfer Printing Reflective Webbing
  • High Customizable
FR reflective fabric tape, cotton FR reflective fabric, Reflective tape for uniform

FR Reflective Fabric Tape

  • Certified by UL, SATRA, TEXTEST to comply with EN 469, NFPA 701, NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971, EN 14116, EN 20471, ANSI 107, CSA-Z96, etc.
  • Treatment FR cotton, Natural FR Aramid
  • FR Heating Transfer Vinyl Films
Heat transfer vinyl, cut reflective fabric vinyl, reflective fabric for fashion cloth

Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • For workwear, fashion cloth, screen printing, graphic design
  • iron-on reflective stripes or logo designs and letterings
  • Colors customizable
  • Shape customizable

PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape

  • Certified EN13356, EN 20471
  • Available in any width and color, with different patterns such as W or brick shape.
  • Waterproof and dustproof with high reflectivity.
  • Recommended use to high vis clothing, outdoor wear, life vest, bags, shoes etc.
rainbow reflective fabric cloth

Rainbow Reflective Fabric

  • The rainbow reflective fabric also called iridescent fabric or neon reflective fabric
  • show different reflective colors at different angles
  • Available for reflective cloth or Heat transfer reflective vinyl
  • Recommended use to sportswear, fashion apparel, reflective shoes, backpacks etc.

With the development of retro-reflective fabric, XW Reflective also provides colored reflective fabric for normal clothing.

Of course, the colors retroreflective fabrics don’t have the good reflective effect same as the professional reflective fabric. The original color is the silver color after coating aluminizing, thus more colors will weak the reflective feature, the colors retro-reflective fabric can’t be used for professional safety clothing which has a high requirement for reflective feature, but colored retroreflective fabric is a good choice for fashion clothing, casual reflective jacket.


♦ Reflective Fabric Material Products

The retro-reflective fabrics have good reflective features,  are widely used for outdoor safety reflective products and reflective safety clothing for some people who work at night or poor light environment, such as safety equipment, safety uniforms, work clothing, sanitation clothing. XW Reflective not only provides professional retro-reflective tapes, we also provide colored retro-reflective cloth, dot reflective fabric, printed retro reflective cloth, and rainbow retroreflective fabric. You can choose the suitable reflective fabric for you, or contact us directly for more information.

Fire Retardant Thread for Fireman Clothing

Xingwei aramid sewing thread is made of 100% spun meta-aramid and offers an outstanding, permanent heat and flame protection up to 370 ℃, which has high tenacity, heat resistant, good insulation and fire resistance properties. The quality is in accordance with EN469, EN531, and US-NFPA. And it’s widely used on firefighter uniforms and public authority garments.

XW8011 Dots Pattern Printed Reflective Fabric for Hats

XW Reflective is a leading reflective fabric supplier in China, supply this XW P8011 printed navy & silver reflective fabric in a wholesale price and top quality. And all of our reflective fabric products have a good reflective feature, can keep you safe at night. If you are interested in XW reflective printed reflective fabric, please feel free to contact us or you are welcome to visit our reflective fabric factory for more details.

XW8003 Dots Pattern Printed Reflective Fabric for Outdoor Clothing

XW P8003 printed silver reflective fabric with dots pattern reflective vinyl fabric is in stock, the sample is navy color and the different sizes of dots pattern with reflective grey. XW Reflective develops this reflective dots fabric for clothing, in accordance with the trend of kids' clothing or casual clothing. If you have your own designs and want a customized service, XW Reflective can meet your demands too.

Transparent Reflective Heat Transfer Graphic Vinyl

Iron-on transparent reflective tape is composed of micro glass beads, its backing film is 0.01mm PET film, but no aluminum coating embedded on. XW Reflective customized transparent iron-on reflective fabric is available for kinds of shapes, mainly used for printing and processing of various patterns and logos, which can be transferred onto PU coating fabric, PVC coating fabric, Strech fabric, elastic band, non-stretchable fabric, etc.

XW8003-A Reflective Rainbow Heat Transfer Vinyl

XW 8003 - A  is a PET film with hot melt adhesive rainbow reflective fabric material with hot pressing and heat transfer feature, also called reflective rainbow heat transfer vinyl, which is a hot-selling and popular reflective fabric for reflective rainbow shoes and reflective fashion cloth, with affordable price supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer.

XW8003-C Iridescent Reflective Fabric with Polyester Backing

XW 8003 - C  is polyester backing rainbow reflective fabric material supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer. And this reflective fabric shows different colors in a day, black in the daytime, iridescent colors in the night time when it meets a light source, such as red, grey, green, thus we called it rainbow reflective fabric, suitable for safety garments, fashion clothing, sportswear, rainbow fashion hats, reflective shoes, t-shirt, etc.

XW8003-B Rainbow Reflective Fabric with Cotton Backing

Rainbow reflective fabric is T/C backing material supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer, shows different colors in a day, black in the daytime, holographic colors at night when it meets a light source. This reflective can highly enhance the visibility of the passerby, so this iridescent reflective fabric tapes are suitable for special reflective cloth, such as reflective sportswear for the runner. Moreover, this iridescent reflective tape also can be used in night party. 

XW P2000 Paw Pattern Sliver Printed Reflective Fabric for Garment

XW P2000 printed reflective fabric with paw pattern reflective vinyl fabric is in stock, the sample is navy color and cute bone pattern with reflective grey, reflective fabric with a simple animal pattern is suitable for children's' cloth, not only popular in kids, but also can reflect the light to light source in the poor light environment, can remind their parents to look for their kids in the night.

XW P1000 Bone Pattern Red Printed Reflective Fabric for Outdoor Clothing

XW P1000 printed reflective fabric with bone pattern reflective vinyl fabric in stock, this hi-visibility color and cute pattern reflective fabric can be made for safety clothing and fashion garments as well. Moreover, XW Reflective manufacturer accepts customized backing material of printed reflective fabric according to customers' requirements, such as nylon taffeta, chiffon reflective fabric, spandex reflective vinyl, 100% polyester fleece sweatshirt, etc.

XW P6202 Fluorescent Orange Printed Reflective Fabric for Clothing

XW P6202 printed reflective fabric has fluorescent orange reflective vinyl fabric in stock, this hi-visibility color reflective fabric can be made for safety clothing and fashion garments as well. Moreover, XW Reflective manufacturer accepts customized backing material of printed reflective fabric according to customers' requirements, such as nylon taffeta, chiffon reflective fabric, spandex reflective vinyl, 100 polyester fleece sweatshirt, etc.

XW P8018 Triangle Pattern Printed Reflective Fabric for Fashion Clothing

XW P8018 triangle printed reflective fabric for cloth has a red and pink color in stock, with triangle dots pattern on the reflective fabric, shows a simple fashion pattern design, suitable for casual clothing, fashion clothing, reflective jacket, safety vest, reflective clothing, reflective sportswear.

XW P8015 Irregular Line Pattern Printed Reflective Fabric for Outdoor Clothing

XW P8015 printed reflective fabric has many pretty designs that supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer, can meet kinds of requirements of the reflective jacket, safety vest, reflective clothing, reflective sportswear. And XW Reflective also has enough ability to accept customized design on the printed fabric if you can make enough order quantity. 

XW P8005 Phoenix Pattern Printed Reflective Fabric for Sportswear

XW P8005 printed reflective fabric has many pretty designs that supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer. And this reflective fabric shows different colors in a day, grey in the daytime, white in the night time when there is a light source. Printed reflective fabrics are ideal for use as timing, lining, and apply for safety garments, fashion clothing, sportswear, etc.

XW TP60C Colored Reflective Fabric for Casual Clothing

XW TP60C colored reflective fabric has many colors, you can choose your favorite colored reflective fabric, such as red heat-reflective sheeting, blue retro-reflective fabric, yellow reflective fabric, and so on. In addition, this reflective colored fabric has features of breathable, soft and light, made of lens retro-reflective glass beads bonded to 100% polyester or TC backing material.

XW 12402 Soft Black Reflective Fabric for Outdoor Clothing

XW 12402 soft black polyester reflective fabric makes use of lens retro-reflective glass beads bonded to 100% polyester backing material, its backing fabric is soft, light, and breathable, thus soft polyester reflective fabric is an ideal material for hot summer. Moreover, the color is no longer silver or grey only, we can customize for any colors, thus to be incorporated into any fashion application.

XW4002OS Elastic Polyester Spandex Reflective Fabric for Sports Clothing

XW4002 super-thin spandex polyester reflective fabric is made by 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex  backing material, with grey reflective color, wide angle and soft feature, suitable for reflective sport clothing, can reflect the light to original light source even there is a long distance and big wide angle between reflective clothing and light source, so that it has a big enhancement for the visibility of sport man in the night. 

♦Reflective Ribbon Reflective Fabric Catalogue

XW Reflective manufactures reflective tapes in a different color, different reflective coefficient and making material, they are also used for different applications, for runner, fireman or construction workers. You can download our catalog and choose the suitable one for you.

reflective fabric catalog
Download Retro Reflective Fabric Catalogs

♦ FAQ GUIDE – Know More About Reflective Fabric 

Here is the quick FAQ guide about reflective fabric material, you can click the question to get the answer.

Reflective safety products’ application benefits from the reflective effect of the reflective fabric tape.

So XW Reflective transfers the microbeads to the cloth base through the aluminized plant film to achieve the reflective effect of reflective fabric tape. Moreover, whether day or night, Reflective fabric always express excellent retroreflective feature, can reflect the direct light from a long distance back to the luminous place.

As we all know, there are kinds of reflective material in the market, the most common reflective fabric materials are reflective chemical fiber cloth and reflective T / C cloth.

XW Reflective is one of a leading reflective fabric supplier in China, mainly manufacture and provide glossy reflective clothing, high gloss reflective fabric, reflective hear transfer film, reflective fireproof fabric, reflective tape, reflective glass bead tape, elastic reflective fabric, reflective lattice belt and so on.

All of these reflective products have different features & applications, with different reflection values and parameters, already passed TUV testing and American ANSI certification, top quality exceeding European (EN471) standards.

Reflective fabrics are made of a base textile which is coated with adhesives and micro glass beads or prisms. It is running through a variety of processing technology including coatings, composites, along with processing methods such as hot pressing. The micro-glass bead for producing high and silver reflective fabrics are half coated with aluminum to improve the reflective coefficient significantly. It reflects light back to the light source, making it an excellent material that can be used for safety and effective visibility especially during the night time to identify an object.

Reflective fabrics are made of a base textile which is coated with adhesives and micro glass beads or prisms. It is running through a variety of processing technology including coatings, composites, along with processing methods such as hot pressing transfer. The micro-glass bead for producing high and silver reflective fabrics are half coated with aluminum to improve the reflective coefficient significantly. It reflects light back to the light source, making it an excellent material that can be used for safety and effective visibility especially during the night time to identify an object.

Reflective material categories into reflective sheeting and reflective fabric, reflective fabric tape applies for personal safety and fashion application. Reflective fabric always shows in our daily life as we all know, such as reflective clothing, safety vest, reflective hat, reflective bag, etc. And reflective material has 4 points features as below:

feature of reflective fabric material

Reflective material is the category into reflective sheeting and reflective fabric, reflective fabric is aim for personal protection. Good reflective material can protect lives, typically in poor light situations, and is suitable for its application as well.

For a firefighter, it must be available for fire retardant, for a miner, it must be available for industrial washing.

For applications that don’t have such strict requirements, we’ll have more options. For example, When you need the TC reflective fabric for more than 420 cd/lux/sq. XW2606-6A silver TC reflective tape will be a good choice. However, if the material shall be industrial washable, then XW2720-6 reflective fabric tape with 25 cycles of industrial washing could meet with both requirements.

what is a good reflective material

The best reflective fabric is what best suitable for the exact applications. Such as, for firefighter, the reflective material for coat must be flame retardant available. For highway traffic signage reflective sheeting, it shall be at least prismatic type reflective material, even diamond grade. For small street signage, engineer grade reflective vinyl is better. Too bright will make it difficult to tell the information printed on the signage. Then this signage will be no sense. For traffic cones, the traffic cone reflective sheeting itself is also important to decide the suitable material, like PP or HDPE.

To well match the best reflective material for its applications, we will take the following into account: printing method, durability requirements, reflection, base material, etc.

To figure out this question, you have to know that reflective and glow in the dark are two different meanings.

Things (surfaces) can be reflective, absorbing or transmitting.

In the case of reflective, when we talk about reflection here, we are referring to Retroreflection. Some surfaces exhibit retroreflection. The structure of these surfaces is such that light is returned in the direction from which it came. So if you need to see the reflective item, you should have light comes to the surface at the same time.

While we also have other materials, also know as photoluminescent materials which can absorb light in the daytime while giving light at dark time. They don’t need light to come to the surface to make it glow while it still can be seen without any light.

So when you see something glowing in the dark, it can be Self-luminous or reflective.

does reflective material glow

For reflective sheeting, we test by ROADMASTER according to ASTM D4956\EN12899, Observation angle: 0.2, Entrance angle: -4. While we test reflective fabric according to EN20471/ANSI107, Observation angle: 12’ Entrance angle:5.

reflective material testing

We normally use cd/m2 to calculate the reflectivity. It indicates how much luminous power will be detected by an eye looking at a light-emitting surface from a particular angle or point of view. In this case, the solid angle of interest is the solid angle subtended by the eye’s pupil. Luminance is thus an indicator of how bright the surface will appear.

reflective material calculate

Reflective fabric is one of the essential materials for personal safety, now days, this reflective material also gets more popular in the fashion industry. Reflective tape is composed of lens glass beads with different backing fabric, the most common materials are polyester, T/C, spandex. For fashion garments, we also supply reflective heat transfer vinyl, rainbow reflective fabric, and reflective printing fabric.

material of reflective fabric

In order to match the characteristics and uses of other products, reflective material is manufactured as different reflectivity, backing fabric, washing cycles reflective tape for daily necessaries application, usually divide into reflective cloth, reflective thermosensitive film, reflective yarn, reflective logo and other products for various style of application.

Reflective fabric generally requires to pass the washing cycles, normally we are talking about domestic washing cycles for most of reflective fabric. Domestic washing ISO 6330, 6n, at 60℃ for 25 washing cycles, the reflective fabric remains the minimum coefficient of retro-reflection after domestic washing cycles, rainfall, and cold temperature. Moreover, some specific reflective fabric is requiring to qualify for industrial wash, this reflective material is applied for reflective garments for oil, petrol, or mining application.

Reflective material tape can reflect original light under the lighting of headlamp light or road light. I think many drivers know that when you are driving on the highway. As the name suggests, reflectivity is one of the most important characteristics of reflective materials.

It is precisely because of the reflective nature that reflective materials can provide the most effective and reliable personal safety guarantee at night or in poor sight environments.

Reflective material usually has a better wide-angle, so that reflective fabric also can keep a good reflective effect, reflect light directly even there is a wide-angle between reflective film and lighting.

This wide-angle feature of reflective fabric material is applied to the production of reflective work clothes like uniforms of traffic police, which can well improve the personal safety in the dark situation, such as roadway, construction work zone, etc.

wide angle reflective materia

The reflective materials used for clothing are usually glass bead coating type. By application, which is including reflective heat transfer vinyl and reflective fabrics as follows.

A. Iron on reflective tape for clothing can be transferred to clothes by heat press machine and made into reflective clothing.

reflective heat transfer vinyl

B. While Reflective fabrics are directly sewed on the clothing, made into safety clothing.

fr orange silver clothes

For reflective fabric, generally, we will say “silver color is the most reflective color”, as reflective fabric in silver color is >400 cd/lux/sqm for the typical reflectivity value. But not 100% guaranteed, for example (based on the comparison of the same material):

  1. Gray color could be easily >400 cd/lux/sq. Even golden-brown color reflective fabric could be also up to >500 cd/lux/sq.
  2. Some manufacturers produce the fabric “whiter”, but with very much lower reflection.

We cannot tell which color is the most reflective color, only after we checked the performance by roadmaster equipment. And sometimes, colors depend on customers’ preferences, while reflection is not the only factor influencing the decisions.

For reflective sheeting, white/silver color is the original color without painting. Color painting will cover the original reflection. Based on the same grade/quality, white/silver color is the most reflective color.

Silver is more reflective, due to the white paint coating, the white one will lose more light-reflecting, while silver is the original color after aluminizing.

Generally speaking, the service life of reflective fabric is different from reflective sheeting, reflective fabric applies for garments, vests, shoes, hats, etc, thus washing cycles for either domestic wash or industrial wash is more essential. For example, XW2606-2B polyester reflective fabric tape has 25 domestic washing cycles, whereas, XW2720-6 TC reflective fabric meets 100 domestic washing cycles.

The grade of reflective fabric can usually be followed by polyester, T/C, and aramid other categories.

Of course, the raw reflective material using and selling price of reflective tape is different due to the different requirements of reflection value and service life. For example, the aramid flame resistant reflective tape has a feature of flame and heat resistant, this is important material for fireman garments. In a word, you can choose a different standards of reflective tape according to your needs.

standards of reflective fabric tape

Reflective fabric is 50cm height a roll, you can package them in a hard carton in order, reflective fabric rolls are easy to package and storage. When you order reflective fabric from XW Reflective manufacturer or other reflective material suppliers, they will package your reflective fabric products well, therefore, you don’t worry more about extrusion deformation.

reflective fabric material storage


Reflective fabric doesn’t use single backing fabric material, usually use different backing material according to different requirements of the application. such as polyester, T/C, aramid, BPU, PES, etc. For example, elastic reflective tape XW2606-8 with backing material polyester and spandex, the process is sewing on different garments; whereas, reflective heat transfer vinyl XW8006, it is BPU backing, thus the process is hot pressing. All reflective fabric can apply for reflective clothing, reflective shirts, reflective fashion shirts, reflective vest, glow in the dark tape, security vest, reflective triangles, reflective jacket.

application of reflective fabric (2)

For a piece of reflective cloth, it contains both fluorescent fabric and reflective tape. Fluorescent color fabric is eye-catching at day time, and actually it also absorbs a little light and emits a little. Reflective fabric tape is aim to return any ray of light in the direction where it arrived, which ensures to be very well seen, the reflective tape will show visible white when there is the light source.

At night, pedestrians are easier to be overlooked by other road users due to the darkness and often adverse weather conditions. While a dark-clad pedestrian is only perceived at a distance of 25 meters, the visibility when people are wearing reflective clothes will increase to 120 meters distance to be seen by the drivers.

reflective cloth

According to the law of safety working department like EN20471, it asks if you work when there is low light and poor visibility, especially if you are working around moving vehicles (cars, trucks or other machinery traveling under their own power – e.g., forklifts, backhoes, etc), you are asked to wear reflective clothing, even high-vis reflective clothing. So people as following are required to wear safety clothing.

  • Roadway construction, utility, forestry, or railway workers.
  • Utility workers.
  • Survey crews.
  • Forestry workers.
  • School crossing guards.
  • Parking and/or toll gate workers.
  • Airport baggage handlers and ground crews.
  • Emergency response personnel.
  • Members of law enforcement.
  • Accident site investigators.
  • Railway workers.

reflective clothing

Every year, many employees are injured or die in accidents involving moving vehicles or machines within their workplaces because their presence was not signaled appropriately. Many accidents are also caused by insufficient visibility of individuals moving along the roads. The safety of people who are at risk of being hit by moving vehicles and objects may be increased by using reflective clothing characterized by appropriate properties and design and selected appropriately for conditions in which the presence of people needs to be signaled.

Not only does this clothing make it easier for motorists to see workers at night, but it also makes them more visible to motorists during the daytime, particularly in inclement weather when inclement weather is an issue. High-visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and improves safety overall.

High-visibility items allow you to be seen by the drivers of those vehicles sooner and more readily. This fact increases your safety at work. The human eye responds best to large, contrasting, bright, or moving objects. Worker visibility is enhanced by high color contrast between clothing and the work environment against which it is seen.

why reflective clothing important

We also have more reflective fabric for Fashion Cloth used. Please CONTACT US and let us help.

Thanks in advance.

We strongly recommend handling the reflective fabric with protected gloves and keep them in the environment of below 26.7℃ and 30 -50 % relative humidity.

Reflective clothing the main function is to enhance the visibility of people who wear it under poor light environment, and the high visibility can remind drivers to keep away from the pedestrians. Of course, the reflective tape on the clothing always shows the frame of traffic police to help the drivers see clearly the traffic gesture, therefore, the reflective clothing is widely made as work clothing.

Reflective fabric clothing for many people are not recognized in your everyday wearing, people who are wearing reflective clothing are staff from the airport, construction site, road site, mining, etc. From the research, accidents also happened from not seen by drivers, especially joggers, cyclists, pedestrians. Thus, to have reflective clothing is to been seen and visible for drivers on the road, no matter daytime or nighttime.

  • Traffic Police
  • Firefighter
  • Joggers
  • cyclists
  • pedestrians
  • Pets
  • Kids

Yes, you can wash your reflective clothing by machine or hand wash. BUT no bleach or fabric softener, just use a mild detergent.

Reflective clothing nowadays is not for safety and visible purpose, but also the type of fashion icons. Reflective clothing is made of normal cloth and reflective fabric tape, the reflective fabric range many kinds, such as polyester or TC reflective tape, fire retardant aramid reflective fabric, reflective heat transfer vinyl tape and rainbow reflective fabric are popular in fashion areas, such as T-shirt.

Yes, you can use a machine to wash the reflective jackets. BUT no bleach or fabric softener, just use a mild detergent.

The reflective shoes are normally made of reflective heat transfer vinyl by hot processing. If there is dirt, you can dampen a soft cloth in cold water. Rub some mild soap into the cloth. Brush the soapy cloth over the reflective material. You can scrub harder if the job requires, but most dirt and grime should come right off without much struggle. Put shoe aside and allow it to dry thoroughly at room temperature.

You can dampen the stain and rub in dishwashing detergent, or baking soda. Then wash the jacket in warm water with laundry soap, stay in 15 minutes, and wash away by warm water.

The reflective jacket is one of reflective clothing, the function is to be seen while you are in the poor light condition, thus we are also called high-visibility clothing, it is not only for safety purpose, but also fashion icons.