Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from XW Reflective Material

Sincerely thanks for your support as always. So luckily, we have the stable year of 2020 passed, though many challenges we had met. You’re a powerful motivation for us definitely. Health always comes first, and [...]

Why Reflective tape on trucks

Reflective tape is also called conspicuity tape or retro-reflective tape, the standard width of a reflective tape roll is normally 5cm, and the length is 50m. which is the reflective tape requirement on trailers from worldwide. thus to been seen from the road during day and night time. The safety reflective tape for trailers is to help with saving lives.

Precautions of the reflective film processing method

To check the substrate material whether it is suitable for reflective vinyl pasting, and it is an unsuitable substrate base material for reflective sheeting sticking, then you should do some treatment for the surface of the substrate material.

Processing method of reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is a high-tech product closely related to the safety of human life and property and is widely used in clothing production, like traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, stickers, protective clothing, etc. Reflective material is made of high refractive index glass beads with a different type of fabric, such as polyester, aramid fabric, cotton, etc.

What is the difference between reflective sheeting and reflective marking tape?

We always find it difficult to distinguish the reflective sheeting from the reflective tape. In fact, They are similar in some ways. The reflector is mainly used to make various reflective signs, Reflective marking tape, also known as preformed road reflective tape, is a new type of reflective material formed by the combination of a flexible polymer, pigment, and glass bead.

How does reflective fabric work

Nowadays, the traffic gets more complicated than before, for people working or riding on the street during day or night time, it is essential to be visible on the road. Thus, high-visibility clothing is highly luminescent in it fluorescent fabric and reflective fabric.  The reflective fabric has the following features. reflectance, wide-angle, diversity, and durability.

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2020 | XW Reflective

It's a great honor to invite you to the coming exhibition with XW Reflective. Fair: APPP EXPO, Shanghai (Advertisement and Sign equipment exhibition), Date: 21st-24th July, XW Booth No.:Hall 5.1/A0998. We will exhibit car license plate reflective sheeting, engineer grade reflective vinyl, commercial grade reflective film and personal safety reflective fabric.

What is license plate reflective sheeting

License plate reflective film is a reflective material dedicated to vehicles reflective license plate sticker and reflective num plate on the motorbike, made of a reflective layer formed by glass beads and some polymer materials like PVC or Acrylic coating, with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Factory will postpone to produce unti 19th Feb due to the novel coronavirus

Dear Customers   Sorry to inform you that XW Reflective factory will be delayed to start till 10th Feb. affected by the novel coronavirus happening (in the beginning we plan to back on 1st Feb.) But our [...]

New Brazil Mercosur License Plate Reflective Sheeting is ready

XW Reflective Sheeting is complete producing reflective sheeting that ready for the new Mercosur license plate, with printing and laser security marks. If you are license plates company in Brazil, or you are thinking to enter into this license plate industry, contact us for further inquiry and samples.

Fespa Africa 11-13 September 2019 at Gallagher Convention Centre

XW Reflective Material is first time attending the FESPA Africa 2019, it will be hosted at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The exhibition, taking place alongside Africa Print, provides the Sub-Saharan printing community with the chance to see the full gamut of digital printing innovation and more.

Photoluminescent glow in the dark adhesive vinyl

XW Reflective now has 2 types of glow in the dark vinyl for your choice: 1. XW10-11 SERIES PET type for plotter cutting; 2. XW10-31 SERIES PVC type for digital printing. The glow in the dark vinyl is mainly related to signs and more particularly to signs or guidance markings which indicate an exit or path of egress from a public building or conveyance (generally, an “exit sign”).

Iridescent Rainbow Reflective Fabric for Fashion Garments

Rainbow reflective materials stand for those reflective materials that have unique appearance of fluorescent colors from different angles. Normally, there are two kinds of rainbow reflective materials, one is rainbow reflective fabric and the other is rainbow reflective heat transfer film/vinyl.

India is ready for High-security registration plates (HSRP)

XW Reflective is a certified reflective sheeting manufacturer for HSRP, we have been supplied the product to HSRP certified producers since 2017. Furthermore, reflective sheeting for HSRP has passed the ISO 7591 tests, the features are embossable, strong reflection during nighttime, 5 years durability that passed the weathering tests in USA lab.

Car license plate reflective sheeting splice method

We have two methods of connecting the splice, for car license plate reflective sheeting, they are applying to produce the car number plate, the production processes are different from traffic signage. The automatic machine always required since it is a massive production. The machine is starting from laminating to the end of the package of the final plate. Thus, if the joints are not flat enough, the machine will pause and stuck, as a result of wasting time for reconnecting.