How to keep children safe in traffic by reflective product?

there are also many tragedies caused by driver's inability to see or the short reaction time after seeing. Thus, besides educating their children to improve traffic safety and traffic knowledge, the parents also should purchase some reflective product for their children to avoid the accident because of inability. And the reflective vest, reflective tape clothing or reflective schoolbag are good selections.

What Is Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Many people don't know what is heat transfer vinyl, but you must be worn and seen the T-shirt with logo, words, or fashional graphics like below. Most of these designs on the T-shirt are formed by heat transfer vinyl. And the reflective heat transfer vinyl also is the heat transfer vinyl, but it has the reflective feature, which can reflect the lighting in the poor lighting situation.

Processing method of reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is a high-tech product closely related to the safety of human life and property and is widely used in clothing production, like traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, stickers, protective clothing, etc. Reflective material is made of high refractive index glass beads with a different type of fabric, such as polyester, aramid fabric, cotton, etc.

What is the difference between reflective sheeting and reflective marking tape?

We always find it difficult to distinguish the reflective sheeting from the reflective tape. In fact, They are similar in some ways. The reflector is mainly used to make various reflective signs, Reflective marking tape, also known as preformed road reflective tape, is a new type of reflective material formed by the combination of a flexible polymer, pigment, and glass bead.

How does reflective fabric work

Nowadays, the traffic gets more complicated than before, for people working or riding on the street during day or night time, it is essential to be visible on the road. Thus, high-visibility clothing is highly luminescent in it fluorescent fabric and reflective fabric.  The reflective fabric has the following features. reflectance, wide-angle, diversity, and durability.

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2020 | XW Reflective

It's a great honor to invite you to the coming exhibition with XW Reflective. Fair: APPP EXPO, Shanghai (Advertisement and Sign equipment exhibition), Date: 21st-24th July, XW Booth No.:Hall 5.1/A0998. We will exhibit car license plate reflective sheeting, engineer grade reflective vinyl, commercial grade reflective film and personal safety reflective fabric.

Photoluminescent glow in the dark adhesive vinyl

XW Reflective now has 2 types of glow in the dark vinyl for your choice: 1. XW10-11 SERIES PET type for plotter cutting; 2. XW10-31 SERIES PVC type for digital printing. The glow in the dark vinyl is mainly related to signs and more particularly to signs or guidance markings which indicate an exit or path of egress from a public building or conveyance (generally, an “exit sign”).