Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl

XW Reflective outdoor engineer grade reflective vinyl with 5 to 7 years’ durability, is specified for use on non-critical reflective street and road signs such as reflective parking signs, general reflection construction traffic warning signs, reflective barricade, reflective barrel or reflective way-finding signs, to remind people to avoid danger and guide the way by eye-catching reflective signs.

Engineer grade reflective sheeting is also used often for reflective stickers and decals, as it is printable both with digital and screen printing methods. It is also cuttable using a die cutter or a vinyl plotter, which makes it useful for creating reflective decals that are cut to a specified shape.

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XW5200 is economic engineer grade reflective vinyl, the reflection reaches ASTM D4956 Type I for 0.2/4 angle, the film thickness is 10 micron thinner than XW7200 CE certified englineer grade type. It is popular for construction signages and non-critical street signs.

XW7200 series is CE certified engineer grade reflective sheeting, and qualified by EN12899 RA1 and ASTM D 4596 Type I. Moreover, XW7200 engineer grade reflective vinyl passing by artifical accelerated weathering test for 1000 hours, our reflective sheeting show no appreciable cracking, scaling, pitting, blistering, edge lifting, or curling, or more than 1/32”or expansion. Another popular application is for barrel and barricade application DIN 67520 in European market.

Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl Display

Reflective Barrier Facing Stripe DIN67520 RA1 RA2

Reflective Barricade Tape is impact resistant and exceeds ASTM D4956 specifications for Type I and Type III and EN12899 RA1 and RA2. The reflective tape is designed for hazard warning barriers, road-end reflective barricades, and any equipment requiring a high visibility warning and conspicuity. The special design PMMA adhesive will adhere well to HDPE plastic drums and smooth concrete.  Reflective Barricade Tape usually have 3 kind of colors - white & red, yellow & black, yellow & red.

Reflective Signs Sheeting XW5300

XW5300 reflective sheeting for traffic sign is an acrylic resin coating, in a high quality, durable and enclosed lens glass beads material, which is design for non-critical traffic signage and commercial applications, such as for cars, motorcycles or wheels.  The surface of the reflective film is shining, this is the typical surface appearance for this type. 

Cold Resistant Reflective Vinyl XW5104 Hot sale in Russia

XW5104 Engineer Grade reflective vinyl is PET surface with PMMA / acrylic resin coating enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, this reflective backing material helps reflective sheeting to enhance the outdoor durability compare to PET solo, outdoor durable up to 5- 7 years. The advantage is the better operation, such as screen printing and lamination during low-temperature workshop conditions,  such as traffic sign market in Russia, UK.

5 Years Engineer Grade Reflective Films XW5200

XW5200 Acrylic Engineer Grade Reflective Film is a medium-intensity type,  this reflective film offer durable, outstanding quality and excellent value in a commercial application. XW5200 IS enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 5 years for non-specification temporary traffic signage where lower levels of retroreflectivity are adequate for visibility.  

Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Signs & Barriers

Engineer Grade reflective sheeting is a premier quality, durable, enclosed lens beaded, this retro-reflective sheeting intended for using on temporary road traffic signs, graphic signs, commercial applcations and barriers. XW Reflective offers exceptional value and meets applicable requirements for Type I retroreflective sheeting in ASTM D4956 Type I, EN12899 RA1, GB/T 18833-2012 type III and CE.

Code Face Film Durability Reflection Size Feature
Screen Print Digital Print Plotter Cutting
Plotter cut reflective vinyl XW5100 PET 3 years 40 1.24M*45.7M N/A N/A
XW5102 PET+ Acrylic 5 years 50 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Traffic sign reflective vinyl XW5200 Acrylic 5 years 50 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Screen print reflective film XW5300 Acrylic 5 years 40 1.24M*45.7M N/A
Acrylic engineer grade reflective sheeting XW5104 PET + Acrylic 7 years 70 1.24M*45.7M N/A
CE engineer grade reflective sheeting


Acrylic 7 years 70 1.24M*45.7M N/A

XW7200 engineer grade reflective vinyl certified by CE & ASTM D4956 Type I & EN12899 RA1 & GBIT1883-2012


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