High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting

High Intensity Reflective Sheeting is 3-10 years outdoor durable material, the reflective value is higher relativiity than engineer grade reflective sheeting. Because it is encapsulated glass beaded construction, the minium retroreflective value will be 250 cd/lux for white at 0.2/4 angle.

XW Reflective have different top layers, such as PMMA for 10 years outdoor warranty, import from Konika Japan. XW1800 acrylic type high intensity grade reflective vinyl is CE certified and also qualified by EN12899 RA II, ASTM D4956 Type III,  passing the 1000 hours artificial accelerated weathering test. The results show that no appreciable cracking, scaling, pitting, blistering, edge lifting, or curling, or more than 1/32” shrinkage or expansion.

This type of reflective sheeting type is mainly apply for Street signs, regulated traffic signs. We have special application in Norway. With the feature of flexible, ideal for bamboo stick without curl or blistering, our customers are using the reflective vinyl onto bamboo sticks, to apply for the road during snow time to warn the drivers.

  • high intensity grade reflective sheeting tape
  • high intensity grade reflective sheeting
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XW Reflective also manufactures PET type high intensity grade reflective sheeting, this is mainly for plotter cutting feature, and construction temporary traffic signages. Moreover, PVC and PC are popular for traffic cones, delineators for the road construction, XW1300 PC type high intensity reflective sheeting have qualified by AS/NZS 1906.1-2007. The advantage is no excess adhesive and flexible, outdoor durability is normally 1 to 3 years according to weather condition.

High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting Products

Reflective Barrier Facing Stripe DIN67520 RA1 RA2

Reflective Barricade Tape is impact resistant and exceeds ASTM D4956 specifications for Type I and Type III and EN12899 RA1 and RA2. The reflective tape is designed for hazard warning barriers, road-end reflective barricades, and any equipment requiring a high visibility warning and conspicuity. The special design PMMA adhesive will adhere well to HDPE plastic drums and smooth concrete.  Reflective Barricade Tape usually have 3 kind of colors - white & red, yellow & black, yellow & red.

Screen Print Hi Vis PET High Intensity Reflective Films XW1600

XW1600 PET High-Intensity Grade reflective sheeting is encapsulated lens beaded sealed with PET layers,  this retroreflective sheeting is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 3 years, mainly for temporary traffic signage, reflective letters, bike wheels, etc. Generally, PET is only can be plotter cutting, due to the surface is treatment PET which can also can be screen print.

Acrylic Coating Street Signs Reflective Sheeting XW1700

XW1700 High-Intensity Grade retroreflective sheeting is typically an encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective material, mainly supply in temporary traffic signing, construction zone signage, and delineators. The main difference with high-intensity grade reflective vinyl XW1800 is the top film, XW1700 is using acrylic coating onto PET vinyl, whereas XW1800 applies PMMA vinyl solo.

CE High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1800

XW Reflective high-intensity grade is one type of reflective sheeting, with seal structure and 3 times high reflection value than engineer grade reflective vinyl, is a wide-angle reflection, help the drivers read the traffic signage information in time via reflective lighting from reflective signs, reduce the traffic accident probability, can be supplied in high way reflective traffic signages, road construction warning signs.  

Digital printing PVC High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1500

XW1500 PVC High-Intensity Grade sheeting is supplied from 10 years' leading reflective material manufacturer, with advantages of factory price, long life span up to 3 years, quality raw reflective material, and best service, intended for use on signing applications, such as traffic cone sticker, warning triangle distance two way road, emergency triangle reflector kit , promotional signage etc.

Traffice Cone Sticker Reflective Sheeting XW1300

PC High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting is encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, with a good performance in high reflection, widely used on reflective sticker traffic cone sleeve, with features of die cutting and screen Printing.

Dot-C2 Truck Hi Vis Reflective Tape XW1200

XW 1200 reflective marking Conspicuity tape is usually made as reflective license plate sheeting, applied for truck reflective tape, trailer reflective tape, commercial grade reflective vinyl, impoves the visibility for the truck, trailer, commercial vehicles, school buses for the roadway safety in adherence to transportation regulations.

Recommended Reflective Sheeting Products

Item Name Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Cones Digital Printing Reflective Sheeting Plotter Cutting H.I. Reflective Vinyl H.I. Reflective Vinyl Reflective Arylic Sheeting Reflective Trailer Tape
Code XW1300 XW1500 XW1600 XW1700 XW1800 XW1200
Face Film PC PVC PET PET + Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Durability 3 years 3 years 3 years 7 years 10 years 10 years
Reflection 300 200 220 255 288 270/75
Size 1.24M*45.7M 1.24M*45.7M 1.24M*45.7M 1.22M*45.7M 1.22M*45.7M 0.05*50*20M
Screen Print N/A
Digital Print N/A N/A N/A
Plotter Cutting N/A

XW1800 Certified by CE, ASTM D4956 Type III & EN12899 RA2 & GBIT18833-2012


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