High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting

High Intensity Reflective Sheeting is 3-10 years outdoor durable material, the reflective value is higher relativiity than engineer grade reflective sheeting. Because it is encapsulated glass beaded construction, the minium retroreflective value will be 250 cd/lux for white at 0.2/4 angle.

colored reflective tape vinyl for traffic cones

XW Reflective have different top layers, such as PMMA for 10 years outdoor warranty, import from Konika Japan. XW1800 acrylic type high intensity grade reflective vinyl is CE certified and also qualified by EN12899 RA II, ASTM D4956 Type III,  passing the 1000 hours artificial accelerated weathering test. The results show that no appreciable cracking, scaling, pitting, blistering, edge lifting, or curling, or more than 1/32” shrinkage or expansion.

High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting For Traffic Cones

  • Models:  XW1300*, XW1500
  • Avg(Ra):200CIL/㎡
  • The standard size is 1.24M*45.7M per roll
  • Face film: PC, PVC
  • Durability: 3 years
  • Features: screen print, digital print, plotter cutting
  • Mainly applied for traffic cones, XW 1500 can apply to outdoor advertising signs, custom traffic signs, property signs.
  • * Certified with AS/NZ1906.1-2007

High-intensity Grade Reflective Vinyl For Road Signs

  • Models:  XW1600, XW1700, XW1800**
  • Avg(Ra):200CIL/㎡
  • The standard size is 1.24M*45.7M per roll
  • Face film: PET, PET+ Acrylic, PMMA Acrylic
  • Durability is from 3-7 years, XW1800 has 10 years of durability.
  • Features: screen print, plotter cut
  • Mainly applied for construction signs, parking signs, warning signs, guide signs, street signs, school signs, highway signs, and regulatory signs.
  • ** Certified with ASTM D4956 Type III & EN12899 RA2 & GBIT18833-2012
high intensity reflecitve film for conspicuity tape

High-Intensity Reflective Film For Conspicuity Tape

  • Models:  XW1200
  • Avg(Ra): white reflective tape part – 250CIL/㎡, red reflective tape part – 46CIL/㎡
  • The standard size is 5cm*30cm per piece, 5cm*50m per roll
  • Face film: PET
  • Durability: 3 years
  • Mainly applied for reflective conspicuity tape on trailers, reflective vehicle marking tape, emergency vehicle reflective tapes.

Applications of High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting Vinyls

This type of reflective sheeting type is mainly applied for Street signs, regulated traffic signs. We have a special application in Norway. With the feature of flexible, ideal for bamboo stick without curl or blistering, our customers are using the reflective vinyl onto bamboo sticks, to apply for the road during snow time to warn the drivers.

XW Reflective also manufactures PET type high intensity grade reflective sheeting, this is mainly for plotter cutting feature, and construction temporary traffic signages. Moreover, PVC and PC are popular for traffic cones, delineators for the road construction, XW1300 PC type high intensity reflective sheeting have qualified by AS/NZS 1906.1-2007. The advantage is no excess adhesive and flexible, outdoor durability is normally 1 to 3 years according to weather condition.

High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting Products

Reflective Barrier Facing Stripe DIN67520 RA1 RA2

Reflective Barricade Tape is impact resistant and exceeds ASTM D4956 specifications for Type I and Type III and EN12899 RA1 and RA2. The reflective tape is designed for hazard warning barriers, road-end reflective barricades, and any equipment requiring a high visibility warning and conspicuity. The special design PMMA adhesive will adhere well to HDPE plastic drums and smooth concrete.  Reflective Barricade Tape usually have 3 kind of colors - white & red, yellow & black, yellow & red.

Screen Print Hi Vis PET High Intensity Reflective Films XW1600

XW1600 PET High-Intensity Grade reflective sheeting is encapsulated lens beaded sealed with PET layers,  this retroreflective sheeting is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 3 years, mainly for temporary traffic signage, reflective letters, bike wheels, etc. Generally, PET is only can be plotter cutting, due to the surface is treatment PET which can also can be screen print.

Acrylic Coating Street Signs Reflective Sheeting XW1700

XW1700 High-Intensity Grade retroreflective sheeting is typically an encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective material, mainly supply in temporary traffic signing, construction zone signage, and delineators. The main difference with high-intensity grade reflective vinyl XW1800 is the top film, XW1700 is using acrylic coating onto PET vinyl, whereas XW1800 applies PMMA vinyl solo.

CE High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1800

XW Reflective high-intensity grade is one type of reflective sheeting, with seal structure and 3 times high reflection value than engineer grade reflective vinyl, is a wide-angle reflection, help the drivers read the traffic signage information in time via reflective lighting from reflective signs, reduce the traffic accident probability, can be supplied in high way reflective traffic signages, road construction warning signs.  

Digital printing PVC High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1500

XW1500 PVC High-Intensity Grade sheeting is supplied from 10 years' leading reflective material manufacturer, with advantages of factory price, long life span up to 3 years, quality raw reflective material, and best service, intended for use on signing applications, such as traffic cone sticker, warning triangle distance two way road, emergency triangle reflector kit , promotional signage etc.

Recommended Reflective Sheeting Products

Item Name Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Cones Digital Printing Reflective Sheeting Plotter Cutting H.I. Reflective Vinyl H.I. Reflective Vinyl Reflective Acrylic Sheeting Reflective Trailer Tape
Code XW1300 hi vis reflective sheeting roll XW1300 XW1500 high intensity reflective sheeting for saleXW1500 XW1600 brown reflective sheeting rollXW1600 XW1700 high intensity reflective stripsXW1700 XW1800 hi vis reflective sheetingXW1800 XW1200 reflective sheeting tapesXW1200
Face Film PC PVC PET PET + Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Durability(Year) 3 3 3 7 10 10
Reflection 300 200 220 255 288 270/75
Size(M) 1.24*45.7 1.24*45.7 1.24*45.7 1.22*45.7 1.22*45.7 0.05*50*20
Screen Print N/A
Digital Print N/A N/A N/A
Plotter Cutting N/A

XW1800 Certified by CE, ASTM D4956 Type III & EN12899 RA2 & GBIT18833-2012


For more details about XW Reflective material products, you can download our reflective materials catalog as below.

high intensity reflective sheeting catalog from XW Reflective
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High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting is a long-lasting retroreflective material that is mostly used for outdoor visibility applications. High-Intensity sheeting has higher relativity than economic and engineers grade reflective sheeting. It has a unique ability to reflect an observer depending on the viewing angle of the observer.  At an angle of 0.2/4, high-intensity reflective sheeting can reflect a minimum of 250 cd/lux light.

High-Intensity Reflective sheeting vinyl ensures maximum safety at night, poor light conditions, or in the snow because they make objects like traffic signs, commercial trucks, emergency vehicles, construction work zone devices visible when they are applied. In factories, they help increase the scanning range of bar codes. High-Intensity Reflective sheeting comes in various types, colors, shapes, and sizes.

XW reflective specializes in high-quality high-intensity reflective sheeting that guarantees the success of your projects.  We manufacture best-in-class high-intensity reflective sheeting of different types, grades, colours, and sizes that gives you the highest level of visibility. Depending on your industry or goal, you can get the right high-intensity reflective sheeting from us to get amazing results.

XW Reflective offers different grades of high-intensity reflective sheeting which includes PMMA and XW1800 acrylic type reflective vinyl. XW1800 acrylic type reflective vinyl is CE certified high-intensity reflective sheeting and has passed 1000 hours of artificially accelerated weathering testing. This type of high-intensity reflective sheeting is mainly used for street signs and regulated traffic signs to increase visibility and safety.

We also offer PET type high-intensity grade reflective sheeting, which is mainly used for plotter cutting and constructing temporally traffic signage. We as well manufacture XW1300 PC type high-intensity reflective sheeting.

High-intensity reflective sheeting reflects light because its embedded glass beads can absorb and redirect light back to a source like an approaching vehicle headlamp.

High-Intensity reflective sheeting is widely used for different applications which include:

High-Intensity Reflective sheeting is used in various industries due to its unique retroreflective properties. Some of the popular industries that use reflective sheeting for various applications are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Transport and logistics industry
  • Manufacturing industry

XW Reflective supplies highly efficient and visible high-intensity reflective sheeting for the above-listed industries and other general industries. Depending on the industry you find yourself in, we can supply you with a well-fitting, excellent, and high performing high-intensity reflective sheeting. You can contact our highly dedicated team and they will be excited to assist you to select the best reflective sheeting for your project.

Yes, our high-intensity reflective sheeting is durable.

Our high-intensity reflective sheeting can last for 3-10 years when used for outdoor applications. Our PMMA high-intensity reflective sheeting has 10 years outdoor warranty.

As a leading high-intensity reflective sheeting manufacturer in the world, XW Reflective supplies high quality, virtually impressive, and durable high-intensity reflective sheets. Our strict quality control measures, high capability, and unrivaled expertise in the material reflective industry make us your one-stop supplier of long-lasting high-intensity reflective sheeting.

When we have enough stock, we will ship your ordered high-intensity reflective sheeting to you within 3 working days. When we don’t have enough stock, it will take 7 to 10 working days.

Here at XW Reflective, our utmost priority is to offer high-quality and highly visible high-intensity reflective sheeting for our customers.  We follow very strict production quality standards to ensure high-quality high-intensity reflective sheeting. XW Reflective produce high-quality reflective sheeting by doing the following:

  • Raw materials inspection: We conduct a thorough raw material inspection to ensure only high-quality raw sheets are used for production.
  • Strict production inspection: Our Quality Control team cuts production samples and strictly inspect them at our well-equipped lab. They use our modern lab equipment to check properties like brightness, thickness, and stretch. QC uses the brightness detector to check for product brightness at the production line.
  • Final product inspection: We test samples of the final reflective sheeting produced to ensure only high-quality sheets are supplied to our customers.
  • Highly skilled staff: We have a highly skilled staff who have been trained to work by our high production standards.
  • Highly advanced machines: XW Reflective has highly advanced machines that guarantee the production of highly visible and high-quality reflective sheeting.

XW Reflective is your one-stop high-intensity reflective sheeting supplier. You should choose us because:

  • We have 10 years of experience in the reflective material film industry
  • We offer high-quality and best-in-class high-intensity reflective sheeting.
  • We offer a wide variety of reflective sheeting of different grades, colors, and thickness. You can always get the right high-intensity reflective sheeting from us for all your projects.
  • We have a team of unmatched expert designers and engineers.
  • We offer extraordinary customer services.