The classify of reflective tape

Generally, the reflective tape could be divided into two parts, reflective tape for the work safety protective suit, usually be called the grey reflective tape, and the reflective fabric for the fashionable clothes, which should be a product in special technology. And according to the material, it could be classified as reflective fabric tape, reflective TC tape, one-faced reflective stretch tape, and double-faced reflective stretch tape, etc.

Product Name reflective  tape
Grey Reflective fabric tape  for work safety T/C or Polyester backing, sew on, home wash
Fire retardant reflective tape for firemen clothing Aramid backing, R > 420 cd/lux, Flurescent yellow,
reflective tshirts for runner and workers

The grey reflective tape could be divided into the ordinary reflective tape, high-bright reflective tape, high silver reflective tape.

Product Name grey reflective tape
XW2606-2B Polyester Grey Reflective tape 25 home wash cycles ( 60°C/140°F ), R>330 CD/LUX
XW2606-4B T/C Grey Reflective fabric  25 home wash cycles ( 60°C/140°F ), R>330 CD/LUX

reflective tshirts dots printed reflective fabric

About the anti flaming reflective tape

The fireman reflective tape is usually be used for producing the firefighter uniform and it could be found with only a tiny light, which could help to protect the fireman because of the anti flaming.

Product Name Anti flaming reflective tape
XW10002A Firemen Reflective Tape Silver, FR treated cotton, R>420 CD/LUX,50 cycles ( 60°C/140°F )
XW10002B Fluorescent yellow flame retardant reflective tape Yellow/silver/yellow, R>420 CD/LUX,50 cycles ( 60°C/140°F )
fire retardant reflective tape

The anti flaming reflective tape should reach to the 3 of the En533

The basis on the EN533, after lighting the sample,the flame cannot spread to the bottom or top of the sample and to the vertical edge of the fabric. And there should be no burning debris (droplet) falling from the cloth. After removing the flame to stop burning, glowing should not extend from the carbonized zone to the undamaged zone on the fabric, making sure no gap.

FR Reflective Tape for fireman clothes FR reflective fabric tape, cotton FR reflective fabric, Reflective tape for uniform

The productive principle of the reflective tape

By using the coating technology to cover glass beads with a high reflective index on the surface of the normal cloth to make it can radiate the light under the illumination. And the reflective tape mainly is used for the products be related to the personal protection in safety, such as the reflective tape for clothing, the personal protective equipment, and the outdoor equipment which refer to the different jobs about the working suit, shoes, glove, and the bag, etc. It also is produced into the different sorts of decorations about the reflective tape.

reflective material slittinghot stamping reflective heat transfer tape