Vehicle Marking And Conspicuity Tape

XW Reflective products can be applied as reflective conspicuity tape on trailers, reflective vehicle marking tape, reflective magnetic vehicle signs, emergency vehicle reflective markings, reflective tape for vehicles etc. You can paste the company logo other marking signs on your truck by reflective tapes.

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Vehicle Marking And Conspicuity Tape

Comparison of reflective tapes for trailer

Here are the parameters of retro-reflective tapes for truck, you can compare the difference between them, and choose the suitable one for yourself according to your demand.

Code Face Film Durability Reflection Size Feature
Screen Print Digital Print Plotter Cutting
XW1200 DOT C2 Reflective Tape PMMA 10 years 270 White / 75 Red 0.5M*50M N/A
XW1200P Trailer Reflective Tape PET 1 year 200 White / 35 Red 0.5M*50M N/A
XW3200 Tearable Car Reflective Tape Acrylic 5 years 8 White 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW5200S Reflective Barrier Tape  Acrylic 5 years 70 White / 15 Red 1.24M*45.7M N/A
XW2200 PET Prismatic Conspicuity Reflective Tape PVC + PET 1 year 200-500 for different color 0.5M*50M N/A

Function of conspicuity tapes

Numerous road accidents have occurred due to low night-time vehicle recognition. Luckily, the conspicuity tape exists. A conspicuity tape is a highly reflective strip designed for vehicles; hence, it becomes a vehicle marking.

A vehicle marking/ conspicuity tape aims to warn drivers and road users by reflecting the light, hence achieving traffic safety and convenience.

Due to conspicuity tape, there has been a reduction in traffic accidents at night due to improved vehicle visibility. Therefore, each driver should make sure that there are proper markings on their trucks and trailers.

Conspicuity tapes assist drivers in adhering to road rules and regulations that require heavy trucks over 7.5 tones and trailers over 3.5 tones to have a reflective mark. The tracks and trailers require a clear outline reflective mark outline in the rear and the side.

yellow reflective tape

Conspicuity Tape

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Conspicuity Tape FAQ Guide

  • Conspicuity tapes are resistant to water. The tape won’t come off even if the vehicle is washed intensively.
  • The tapes can be applied without professional assistance as they are self-adhesive.
  • The vehicle conspicuity tapes are suitable for use for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Conspicuity tapes are backed with warranties with varying periods.
  • Good weather resistance. Conspicuity tapes handle foggy, rainy, and dark weather exceptionally.
  • Allow the prevention of vehicle theft.

Conspicuity tapes are divided into three groups:

  • The “C” class, which is the outline marking material.
  • The “D” class is only used in limited areas.
  • The highest level is the “E” class, which is used to expand areas discriminating graphics.

Applying a conspicuity tape onto a vehicle is quite an easy task. However, to certify the longevity, robust adhesion, and efficacy of the tape, you need to apply it correctly.

The initial step is to take note of the weather. To achieve optimum adhesion and durability, experts recommend that you should apply the tape when the temperature ranges between 50° to 100°F. Applying a conspicuity tape when the degrees are above 100°F brings about pre-adhesion.

Under other circumstances, if the temperature is lower than 50°F, you will need to heat the application surface by using either heat lamps or portable heaters.

Afterward, get the tools you’ll need to apply your conspicuity tape. When applying a conspicuity tape, you need the following tools: A utility knife which has a sharp blade or scissors for cutting the tape, a Squeegee or roller to exert pressure across the surface of the reflective tape, and a Rivet tool, just in case you are going over rivets. The rivet tool will also assist you in cutting around rivets.

The third step is to make ready your surface. For proper adhesion, preparation of surfaces is imperative. First, wash the vehicles’ surfaces with detergent and water. Washing allows you to remove dirt and road film. Use soapy water with a ratio of about 1:10 of soap or another gentle detergent and water.

Next, flush the washed surfaces with plain, clean water to remove the soap or detergent. Ensure that the surfaces are soap-free as a detergent film can inhibit proper adhesion. Allow the vehicle’s surface to air dry. Air drying guarantees that no grit or grime is left on your working area to hinder the application of the conspicuity tape.

After this, wipe the surfaces using a lint-free paper towel drenched with a non-oily solvent. For solvents, you can use the 3M Prep Solvent 70, isopropyl alcohol, or acetone.

Subsequently, dry surfaces with a clean, dry, paper towel before the solvent evaporates entirely. Keep in mind to be mindful to door hinge areas, rivets, and seams.

The next step is to apply your conspicuity tape. To do so, remove the liner and position the reflective tape on the surface you want to apply your tape on. Tack down lightly on the tape. Tacking assists you in holding the conspicuity tape in position.

Use your hand to press the conspicuity tape onto the vehicle’s surface. Subsequently, use a squeegee or a roller to press the reflective tape down. To do so, use one of your hands to hold the edge of the reflective tape with the shielding backing removed an inch or two away from your car or truck’s surface. It would be best if you used firm and overlapping strokes.

With your other hand, steadily compress a squeegee at the point where the long piece of the conspicuity tape lies. Slide the conspicuity tape toward your other hand in a slow and controlled motion. Do so until the entire length of the conspicuity tape you are working with has stuck to the vehicle.

Keep in mind to apply gently at first and then with more pressure.

Run the squeegee severally on the conspicuity for it to adhere correctly. You should also cut the tape about ⅛ inches back to avoid buckling if there are hinges, latches, or other hardware.

Where there are rivets, apply the reflective tape over the rivet using firm pressure. Remember to leave a bridge over the rivet head. While cutting the tape, use a rivet punch.

Conspicuity tapes are designed for outdoor and heavy-duty purposes. Therefore, they are more durable than regular vinyl tape.

Firstly, use the right tools. The tools you will need are solvent resistant protective gloves, safety glasses, single-edged razor blades, Absorbent paper towels, a handled tool to hold razor blades, and a suitable solvent as brake cleaning fluid, isopropyl alcohol, paint remover, or the 3M Citrus Cleaner.

Use the single-edged razor blade to pull up an edge of the conspicuity tape. It is necessary to use a sharp razor blade to achieve the best results. Keep the edged razor blade close to the surface and work it from side to side. While using it, use small strokes in the direction of removal.

After this, pull the loose end of the conspicuity tape with minimal tension from the surface. Do so at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Simultaneously work the razorback and forth. In case of the tape tears midway, repeat the steps above.

Afterward, remove the adhesive. To do so, spray the suitable solvent onto the sticky residue. Allow the solvent to saturate on the adhesive for three to five minutes. After this, use the sharp razor blade in a handled tool to graze the adhesive off the vehicle’s surface.

Use the paper towel to wipe the residue off the razor. If necessary, repeat the steps several times to remove all adhesives. Finally, clean the vehicle’s surface with alcohol and a towel to wipe away all the residue before reapplying another conspicuity tape.

Conspicuity tapes are some of the unsung heroes of safety that have proven to prevent accidents for decades. They are particularly essential for high speed, heavy load, and frequent parking on jam-packed roads or highways.

Based on your country, there are regulations meant to guide the application, usage, removal, and disposal of conspicuity tapes. The ECE104, for instance, was laid out in 2011 and requires that all newly registered heavy trucks weighing over 7.5 tones and trailers weighing over 3.5 tones should have a conspicuity tape.

Although fleet managers used the conspicuity tape before the laying out of this regulation, Italy was the pioneer country to implement it in 2006, which led to a dramatic decrease in the number of accidents.

At the same time, other European countries have since implemented this regulation, and the latest statistics show that accidents in western Europe have decreased by 18%. While ECE104 is the most prominent regulation, each country has its own set of tailored regulations governing the use of conspicuity tapes.

With over ten years manufacturing experience, Xing Wei has specialized in designing, manufacturing, and distributing conspicuity tape across the globe.

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  • Color

Conspicuity tapes are available in multiple colors. They are available in red, white, and yellow.

Red tapes are used for the rear of the vehicle. Besides, a red conspicuity tape is ideal for use on your vehicle’s bumpers. A yellow tape can be used either on the side of the vehicle or its rear, while a white conspicuity tape is best used at the vehicle’s side.

On farming vehicles, red and orange conspicuity tapes are used on the tractor’s rear.

  • Adhesion

When looking for conspicuity tapes, experts recommend using either pre-cut strips or easy-to-adhere constructive tapes. Ensure the tape will adhere to the vehicle’s surface firmly. Furthermore, ensure that the conspicuity tape is compatible with all kinds of surfaces, especially the truck’s curvy trailer.

  • Durability

The durability of the conspicuity tapes depends on their primary materials. Most conspicuity tapes last for a year or two. Nevertheless, high-quality constructive tapes should survive the harsh weather elements and wear and tear for 3 to 4 years.

Vehicles encounter constant exposure to oil. Therefore, their constructive tapes are likely to come off the vehicle easily. That being the case, you should invest in waterproof and weatherproof tapes that resist water, adverse weather, and high temperatures.

  • Easy Application

Conspicuity tapes must be easy to apply to vehicles.

An equally spaced pattern of strips 12″, 18″, or 24″ in length can be spread on either side of the truck. However, ensure that the conspicuity tape covers at least 50% of each side of the truck.

Conspicuity tapes should possess the ability to be more visible at night or in other low-visibility situations. Highly reflective conspicuity tapes assure you of safety during all weather conditions, especially fog and rainy days.

A conspicuity tape needs to acquire a certification mark. A certification mark denotes that the conspicuity tape meets all the law requirements and quality. A conspicuity tape should have the correct color and be durable in all weather conditions.

Conspicuity tapes come in various colors. Nevertheless, you can use the red tape for the rear of the vehicle. The red tape is suitable for vehicles or trucks with a design gross vehicle weight (DGVW) of more than 3,500 kg.

Furthermore, the red conspicuity tape should be used on Self-propelled machinery driving on a public road that is wider than 3.5 m. You can also use the tape on vehicles exceeding 13 m—overall length. When sticking the red tape, make sure that it is not more than 16 inches from the extreme left and right projections. Additionally, ensure that it is visible from the rear.

You can use the yellow tape either on the side of the vehicle. The tape is also reserved for visibility for the vehicles’ front and sides, and it should not exceed 16 inches from the extreme left and right projections of the vehicle. Besides, it needs to visible to oncoming traffic.

A white conspicuity tape is best used at the side of the vehicle.

However, various nations have different special national requirements for the use of color. Be sure to check yours.

  • Quality

When looking for constructive tape, look for high-quality conspicuity tape. A high-quality conspicuity tape has the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Aside from that, they are durable, versatile, and powerful to handle intense weather and temperature.

  • Easy Application

Conspicuity tapes must be easy to apply to vehicles.

  • Durability

When looking for a constructive tape, you should survive the harsh weather elements and wear and tear for 3 to 4 years.

  • Warranty

While you are purchasing a conspicuity tape, look for one that is backed by a warranty. Moreover, you should make sure that the warranty period should be lengthy. Along warranty period assures you of a long-lasting product that meets your needs.

Conspicuity tapes can be used over a wide range of vehicles. They can be applied to slow-moving vehicles, garbage trucks, construction vehicles, landscaping vehicles, and street sweepers.

Additionally, a corporate fleet of trucks can use conspicuity tapes that possess the company’s reflective logo. It allows you to identify the valid owner of the vehicles instantly.

Accidents involving rear-end collisions are a common occurrence due to the non-visibility of the rear reflector. At times, the reflector may be dirty or broken; hence, their visibility is inhibited. Apart from that, road safety is also a precarious issue for farmers. Conspicuity tapes are essential to increase the visibility of farm vehicles. You should use conspicuity tapes for farm vehicles if the vehicle is more than 12 feet wide.

In as much as conspicuity tapes are imperative for vehicle visibility, they do not divert attention away from lights and indicators. Therefore, ensure that the tape you purchase is visible from approximately 1000 meters away.