Reflective Tape Quality Control, Package And After Sales

♦ Reflective Material Quality Control

◊ Reflective Manufacturing Material Control

Raw reflective materials control is the most important defensive step to maintain a quality reflective fabric & reflective sheeting production. Thus, XW Reflective takes a series of strict measures for better quality reflective vinyl sheets manufacturing  as below:

  • Purchasing reflective material from reliable supply partners.

XW Reflective always investigate raw reflective material factory and production process by our professional reflective test staff, as well as XW Reflective require a series of relative certificate and eligible parameters.

  • Self-produce adhesive.

  • Proper storage of reflective materials.

XW Reflective stores our reflective vinyl tape material well ordered in the queue, in addition, keep them dry and clean.

  • Check reflective raw materials before reflective sheeting production

XW Reflective always check reflective manufacturing materials, and must ensure this raw reflective fabric is in line with the standard of reflective stickers production, then take away the disqualified raw reflective material, finally, XW Reflective will arrange reflective sheets manufacturing by the leftover reflective initial material.

XW's Adhesive for reflective sheeting
XW's Films Material display
Glassbeads display

♦ Reflective Material Quality Check During Process

  • XW Reflective arrange 3 technical staff to inspect reflective fabric tape manufacturing in every reflective material production line, they can take measures quickly and adjust reflective sheets production once reflective pinstripe tape production occurs some quality problem, in addition, they will paste poor quality signs on these problem reflective products, deliver them to QC lab for a quality analysis.
  • XW Reflective have a quality assurance department, and they will check reflective sheeting samples from every production line whether they are good quality or not. In additional, the line manager will cut a part of reflective vinyl sheet as sample in their reflective material production line, and bring it to QC room for quality checking.
  • QC will carry on ROADVISTA brightness meter to check the Line product.
  • When Rolling the final product, workers will check and remove the poor quality sheeting and mark the joint. Each joint we arrange extra reflective sheeting for clients.  If the joints out of allowable range, we label the roll as B grade.
Reflective Sheeting Quality Check
Reflective sheeting Quality Checking

♦ Package To Protect Reflective Sheeting Goods

All reflective heat teansfer tape production and quality checking is finished now, then XW Reflective will provide different packages to protect our reflective auto pinstripe tape, to avoid some unnecessary damage during the reflective glow stickers shipment.

  • Standard Reflective Sheeting

    • Roll Core
    • PET films
    • Plastic bag
    • 2 pieces of plastic plugs
    • 5 Layer’s carton
    • Binding tape
  • 300Meter CLP Customized Roll

    • Customized Roll Core
    • PET film
    • Anti-vibration films
    • 2 pieces of customized wood plugs
    • Customized Carton
    • Binding tape
  • Reflective Cutting Tape/sticker

    • (Roll Core)
    • Plastic seal
    • One large plastic bag
    • 5 Layer’s Carton
    • Binding tape

We also follow our clients’ request for the package. And we suggest all the clients use the pallet to protect goods.

♦ After Sales

XW Reflective try our best to reduce the quality problem for our reflective glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl, but if you still find the quality problem in our heat reflective fabric, please don’t hesitate to contact us for best after-sale service, and XW Reflective will provide best after service until you are satisfied with our service.

If you find your product has poor quality reflective fabric – whatever how many they are. Take a picture or video for it, show us, and our team will reply within 24 hours.

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