Traffic cone sticker

Traffic cone sticker is also known as conical traffic signs, road signs, traffic cones, generally attach reflective tape or reflective material to increase the visibility of drivers, as a tapered or column-shaped temporary road signs, used to carry out works and remind when an accident occurs Use passers-by to ensure the personal safety of engineering personnel and road users, or use them in traffic diversions, separation of people and vehicles.


Truck Reflective sticker

Truck Reflective sticker is used for truck/van decoractive reflective sticker or safey warning, generally only trucks and large heavy vehicles can be affixed. Reflective material has a reflective effect,  is a reminder for the car in the back. At night, you can know the car in front is a truck through the reflective sticker. Keep away and stay safe.

High speed Truck with reflective sticker
Plotter-cutting-EXIT-signage glow in dark

Exit signs

Exit signs are also used as signpost, supplied in shopping malls, railway stations, toilets, safe passages, fire passages, etc, a kind of reflective image sticker with reflective tape, remind people keep safety and point them direction via eye-catching reflective patterns.


Reflective Barrier Strips

Reflective Barrier Strips are a very common safety device that can reflect the surrounding light at night, thus alerting passersby and drivers to a certain extent. According to different reflecvtive material, reflective strips can be divided into: reflective webbing, reflective lattice strips, reflective cloth reflective strips, etc., are widely used in reflective vests, reflective work clothes, reflective labor protection clothing, reflective bags, reflective shoes, reflective umbrellas, reflective raincoats, etc.

barricade reflective tape

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High Visibility Safety Shirts for Workers and Runner

Reflective T-shirt is also called reflective vest, a reflective fashional safety clothing made of reflective material inlaid in the clothes. The manufacturing principle of reflective safety vest, is to make use of heat transfer technology to print reflective materials on the T-shirt, or sew the polyester reflective strips on the T-shirt. In terms of the safety effect of reflective clothing, when the relevant lines are illuminated, the reflective T-shirt will reflect the lighting, thus the reflective effect can be achieved.

Sign facing sticker

XW Reflective offers the added value of reflective products, which is reflective traffic signage sheeting, with already pre-cut and pre-printing, customers can saving the cutting and screen printing process, thus you can apply to aluminum or metal plate right way. The most popular shape is the triangle and circle.

Reflective Barrier Facing Stripe DIN67520 RA1 RA2

Reflective Barricade Tape is impact resistant and exceeds ASTM D4956 specifications for Type I and Type III and EN12899 RA1 and RA2. The reflective tape is designed for hazard warning barriers, road-end reflective barricades, and any equipment requiring a high visibility warning and conspicuity. The special design PMMA adhesive will adhere well to HDPE plastic drums and smooth concrete.  Reflective Barricade Tape usually have 3 kind of colors - white & red, yellow & black, yellow & red.

Acrylic Coating Street Signs Reflective Sheeting XW1700

XW1700 High-Intensity Grade retroreflective sheeting is typically an encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective material, mainly supply in temporary traffic signing, construction zone signage, and delineators. The main difference with high-intensity grade reflective vinyl XW1800 is the top film, XW1700 is using acrylic coating onto PET vinyl, whereas XW1800 applies PMMA vinyl solo.

Helmet Reflective Tape Plotter Cutting Screen Printable XW3200J

XW3200J Acrylic Reflective Film is an upgraded version of the XW3200 screen printing reflective tape, mainly designed fo helmets reflective tape, with higher reflection coefficient and cheap price, hot selling in the market of Southeast Asian countries, Brazil etc. As we all know, this reflecitve sheeting is suitable for helmets reflective sticker with Motorcycle.

CE High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1800

XW Reflective high-intensity grade is one type of reflective sheeting, with seal structure and 3 times high reflection value than engineer grade reflective vinyl, is a wide-angle reflection, help the drivers read the traffic signage information in time via reflective lighting from reflective signs, reduce the traffic accident probability, can be supplied in high way reflective traffic signages, road construction warning signs.  

Traffice Cone Sticker Reflective Sheeting XW1300

PC High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting is encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, with a good performance in high reflection, widely used on reflective sticker traffic cone sleeve, with features of die cutting and screen Printing.

Dot-C2 Truck Hi Vis Reflective Tape XW1200

XW 1200 reflective marking Conspicuity tape is usually made as reflective license plate sheeting, applied for truck reflective tape, trailer reflective tape, commercial grade reflective vinyl, impoves the visibility for the truck, trailer, commercial vehicles, school buses for the roadway safety in adherence to transportation regulations.

Acrylic Tearable Reflective Tape for Helmet

Helmet Reflective stickers is PMMA / acrylic resin type of commercial grade reflective sheeting, with enclosed glass beaded that sealed onto acrylic resins. This reflective stickers can use to plotter cutting and screen printing. Please do not use it on digital print etc. Since this is PMMA resins, the reflective vinyl has good outdoor durability up to 3 years, and flexible operation.

Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting for Traffic Signs & Barriers

Engineer Grade reflective sheeting is a premier quality, durable, enclosed lens beaded, this retro-reflective sheeting intended for using on temporary road traffic signs, graphic signs, commercial applcations and barriers. XW Reflective offers exceptional value and meets applicable requirements for Type I retroreflective sheeting in ASTM D4956 Type I, EN12899 RA1, GB/T 18833-2012 type III and CE.

Plotter Cutting Commerial Grade Reflective Sheeting XW3100

Plotter cutting Reflective Sheeting Commercial Grade is consists of retroreflective glass beads coating onto a PET substrate, and coated with a transparent pressure-senstive adhesive. With feature of easy to cut, thus this reflective sheeting is suitable for computer cutting. Please do not use it for screen print, digital print etc.

PVC Digital Printable Photoluminscent Film XW10-31

XW Reflective supply photoluminescent film digital Printable, the code is XW10-31, with self-adhesive vinyl, intended for use on emergency signage in buildings. The luminescent vinyl will absorb any light source, and it will glow during poor lights, the glowing duration is different, you can choose your suitable ones, or talk with our sales team.