Traffic Delineator Posts and Channelizer Cones

Elastic reflective warning delineator post is also called the elastic column, elastic column, guide column, warning column, delineator post type guide sign, warning rod, plastic elastic barrier, anti-collision column, reflective guide sign guide column, and road delineator.

According to the principle of regression reflection of glass beads with a high refractive index, we can easily know that why the reflective part of the reflective elastic warning post can work well.

trafic delineator application

♦ How is Traffic Delineator Work

traffic delineator protect car

The reflective film can reflect the distant direct light back to the light-emitting place, and has good retroreflective optical performance no matter in the day or night. Especially at night, reflective tape on the elastic warning column can show its high visibility function the same as the daytime.

Whether the user is in a remote place or in the case of light scattering interference, the reflective guide sign column with high visibility reflective tape can be easily seen by the night drivers. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of “seeing” and “being seen”.

♦Reflective Material for Traffic Delineator Post  

Reflective Material Grade High Intensity Grade Reflective Vinyl 
Code XW1300
Top Film PC
Reflective Value 250 cd/lux @ 0.2/-4
Certification As/NZS1906.1-2007
Application  Traffic cone, traffic delineators, post
XW 1500 pre-striped barricade sheeting

♦Reflective Material for Traffic Delineator Post  

barricade reflective tape
Reflective Material Grade Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting
Code XW7200
Top Film Acrylic
Reflective Value 80cd/lux @ 0.2/-4
Certification DIN67520
Application  Traffic Barricades, Vertical Delineator

Traffic Delineator Materials 

Reflective elastic warning posts can apply in a variety of situations. The main body is made of PE material and rubber base. The lower chassis of the reflective elastic column is fixed on the ground with nails, and the elastic rope is installed in the chassis, which is firm, stable, and reliable, and the reflective area of this column is comprehensive.

Traffic Delineator Intallation 

It is easy to install, and it usually adopts standard block arbitrary combination and advanced “internal expansion anchorage technology”, which will not loosen when the vehicle is hit. This elastic column is anti-pressure, anti-collision, and anti-falling reflecting the elastic column. The color of the reflective elastic delineator post is optional, such as white, yellow, red, and other colors.

This product style is novel, the automatic reset function after dumping can protect the product and the vehicle from damage after impact. The unique ring top makes it easy to move and can be used with various reflective rods and plastic warning chains, so that the reflecting elastic column can play the role of protection and isolation.

Traffic Delineator Application 

Reflective elastic sign column is generally used for road isolation, community isolation and protection, classification and arrangement of parking spaces, municipal construction, isolation and protection of public activities, toll gate of expressway, urban road intersection, sidewalk entrance, temporary road segmentation, dangerous or forbidden area segmentation, both ends of traffic railings, and can be used in combination with one-time warning belt, warning chain, warning link, etc.

When the reflective elastic column is used at urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings, It can warn the moving motor vehicle. During the day, the red-white, red-yellow colors of the reflective column is obvious. At night, the reflective strip plays a role. The high-strength reflective tape reflects a dazzling light to remind the driver to pay attention.

The tips of the reflective elastic column:

  1. It can be used for temporary protection. The base is heavy and not affected by the wind; the position can be adjusted at any time.
  2. It can also be fixed. Three eye structure with construction and installation;
  3. It can replace the function of the road cone.

The Flexible Delineator’s extremely thick polyurethane construction and the inventive spring-type design allows this delineator to repel the most invasive impacts and return to an upright position. (PRNewsFoto/Pacific Cascade Corporation)