Reflective Heating Transfer Film

♦ Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Description

XW Reflective HTV manufacturer is specialized in reflective heat transfer vinyl, reflective fabric, rainbow heat transfer vinyl, reflective sheeting in different patterns and different colors designs according to your requirements of reflective vinyl products.

Thus XW reflective acrylic vinyl is perfect for apparel for construction workers, runners, cyclists, or children that need to be seen in low light conditions, used in reflective street signs, triangle warning sign skype, road signs, safety tape for trucks, trailer reflective stickers etc.

XW Reflective offer a widely using reflective heat transfer film which is sure to meet various reflective acrylic vinyl customers’ requirements and target different base fabrics. In addition, XW Reflective manufacturer also has printed reflective heat transfer vinyl specially made for graphic designs.

 ♦ The Feature of Reflective Heat vinyl

  • Width: reflective heat transfer vinyl film can be customized width from 1cm to 105cm
  • Washing depends on the condition of substrates and heat transfer operations
  • All certified by OEKO-TEX 100

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♦ Basic Reflective Heating Transfer Sheeting

Product Color Reflection
Domestic Washing EN 20471/
ANSI 107
Heat reflective fabric


Grey >260 15 No Non-stretchable ordinary fabric such as polyester taffeta
Heat transfer reflective vinyl


Silver >420 50 Yes
Elastic heat reflective fabric


Silver >420 50 Yes Stretchable fabric such as spandex, birdies, elastic band etc.
Fire retardant heat reflective fabric (XW8006FR) Silver >420 50 Yes Flame retardant, comply with EN469, EN 14116, EN 11612

♦ Reflective Heating Transfer Sheeting Specially Designed For Plotter Cutting

Plotter Cutting heat-transfer-vinyl-for-graphic-design

1) With thicker plastic film carrier, when do reverse cut, it won’t curl easily or cut through the film carrier, making it easier to weed and remove unwanted material.

2) Also with a stronger cohesive force between plastic film carrier and glass beads, the logo will stay on the film while cutting & peeling, won’t fall off easily.

3) The sticky base enables the logo to stay on the film carrier when cutting & peeling, and peeling mistake could be revised which is very good for thin logos. The sticky layer also could fasten the logo onto fabric which makes heat transfer operation faster and more convenient.

Product Color Reflection
Home Washing EN 20471/
ANSI 107
Iron on reflective tape


Grey >260 15 NO Thicker film carrier (0.1mm)
Iron on reflective vinyl


Silver >420 50 YES Thicker film carrier (0.13mm)
Iron on reflective vinyl for shirts


Silver >420 50 YES Thicker film carrier (0.1mm)with sticky backing

♦ Want More Custom Things? Check Below!

COLOR customized

  • Iron On Reflective Tape
  • >10cd/(lx.m²), depends on color
  • All sizes fo reflective iron on vinyl is available, width up to 135cm
  • Suitable for the requirement of hot pressing of safety clothing in colors and reflective coefficient
  • Bondex Iron On Fluorescent Reflective Tape
  • Backing with PET film and hot melt adhesive
  • 60~120cd/(lx.m²)
  • All sizes of bondex iron on fluorescent reflective tape is available, width up to 135 cm
  • suitable for the requirement of hot pressing of safety clothing in colors and reflective coefficient.
Orange-Sliver-Orange Heating Transfer Vinly
  • Iron On Reflective Tape, Orange Reflective Tape, Sliver Reflective Tape, Orange-Sliver-Orange Stripe reflective trape
  • Backing with PET film and heat melt adhesive
  • >330cd/(lx.m²)
  • Home wash cycles: Up to 50 cycles @60°C (140°F)
  • Width: 2.5cm+5cm+2.5cm
  • Certification with EN ISO 20471, ANSI/ISEA 107-2015
  • Recommended for Stretchable fabric or elastic band.
  • Reflective Iron On Vinyl for Cricut, Holographic Rainbow Reflective Tape
  • backing with PET film and hot melt adhesive
  • >420cd/(lx.m²), 1cm~105cm, all sizes available
  • Appears black in daylight, show different reflective colors at different angles at night
  • It can be cut by plotter or laser machine into GRAPHICS, CHARACTERS, and LOGOS
  • transferred to all kinds of fabrics by heat and pressure, such as reflective sportswear, reflective jacket, reflective caps, reflective bags, reflective shoes, safety vest etc.

We are able to provide different shapes of segmented reflective heat transfer tape, custom logos and letterings of all sizes etc. to get increased breathability and be more fashionable. Can be cut into different shapes of segmented films to get increased breathability and be more fashionable. Custom logos and letterings of all sizes are available with small MOQ.

♦ Screen Printable Reflective Film

  • Suitable for making small size fine graphics with thin lines.
  • Can customize adhesives to fit different base fabrics.
  • Clear reflective film for screen printing enables to make colorful reflective logos with small MOQ.
  • With thicker plastic film carrier, it won’t curl easily when screen printing.

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