What Are Rainbow Reflective Materials

Rainbow reflective material is also named as holographic reflective material, shows fluorescent color appearance from different angles.

Normally, there are two kinds of rainbow reflective materials – rainbow reflective fabric and rainbow reflective heat transfer film/vinyl.

It’s the new favorite of the fashion world. The iridescent reflective fabric appears black in daylight, While at night when illuminated by light, it is able to show different reflective colors at different angles, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching.

Rainbow reflective htv vinyl

♦ Reflective Fabric For Clothing

rainbow reflective fabric cloth
Item Rainbow reflective fabric XW8003-B(T/C)
Iridescent reflective fabric XW8003-C(Poly)
Daytime Black
Reflective Aurora Rainbow
Backing Fabric Poly or T/C(35% Cotton, 65% Polyester)
Width Up to 140cm
Reflection R>5 cd/lux·m²

Rainbow reflective fabric for clothing is a kind of reflective textile,it will reflex based on printing reflective powder or coating reflective film on the surface of normal TC&polyester fabric, once light on, the fabric can be reflective.

Retro-reflective fabric has a strong cloth subbottom,after sewing on other textile,can improve the visibility for wearer in poor light environment.

♦ Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Item Rainbow heat transfer vinyl XW8003-A
Daytime Black
Reflective Aurora Rainbow
Backing Fabric PET film with hot melt adhesive
Width Up to 105cm, all sizes available
Reflection R>5 cd/lux·m²
Usage Logo
Fashion design clothing
Footwear etc.

Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl plays an important role in the reflective fashion clothing industry(such as: sportswear). Rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl can be cut plotterring or lasering into GRAPHICS, CHARACTERS, and LOGOS and heat transferred to all kinds of fabric base, such as sportswear, caps, bags, shoes, etc. With unique holographic reflective effect, it has earned its popularity in the sportswear and also fashion indurtry.

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♦ Rainbow Retro Reflective Fabric Products

Rainbow retro-reflective fabrics are widely used for fashion clothing, not only can make you look eye-catching but also can enhance the visibility of you, seems like a fashion safety clothing. XW Reflective provides serval types of rainbow reflective fabric, contains retro-reflective heat transfer vinyl, Iridescent reflective fabric, and soft rainbow retro-reflective fabric.

XW8003-A Reflective Rainbow Heat Transfer Vinyl

XW 8003 - A  is a PET film with hot melt adhesive rainbow reflective fabric material with hot pressing and heat transfer feature, also called reflective rainbow heat transfer vinyl, which is a hot-selling and popular reflective fabric for reflective rainbow shoes and reflective fashion cloth, with affordable price supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer.

XW8003-C Iridescent Reflective Fabric with Polyester Backing

XW 8003 - C  is polyester backing rainbow reflective fabric material supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer. And this reflective fabric shows different colors in a day, black in the daytime, iridescent colors in the night time when it meets a light source, such as red, grey, green, thus we called it rainbow reflective fabric, suitable for safety garments, fashion clothing, sportswear, rainbow fashion hats, reflective shoes, t-shirt, etc.

XW8003-B Rainbow Reflective Fabric with Cotton Backing

Rainbow reflective fabric is T/C backing material supplied from XW Reflective manufacturer, shows different colors in a day, black in the daytime, holographic colors at night when it meets a light source. This reflective can highly enhance the visibility of the passerby, so this iridescent reflective fabric tapes are suitable for special reflective cloth, such as reflective sportswear for the runner. Moreover, this iridescent reflective tape also can be used in night party. 


XW Reflective is a leading retro-reflective material manufacturer and supplier in China, with decades years’ experience. If you want to know more details about our retro-reflective fabric products, please download our reflective material catalog as below.

anti-flame retro reflective tapes catalog
Reflective Material Catalog Download


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Rainbow reflective material is a type of reflective material that reflects multiple colours at different viewing angles when illuminated by light. It is also called holographic reflective material.

Rainbow reflective material has embedded glass beads that reflect light to an observer when the material is illuminated by light. Rainbow reflective material is applied to fabric materials to increase visibility at night and also to produce splendid colours. It is mostly used in the fashion industry to produce eye-catchy colours and images when applied on shirts, caps, shoes, etc at night.

Rainbow reflective materials are mostly applied on sportswear, fashion clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other accessories to make them more visible and to give them striking color patterns.

Here at XW reflective, we manufacture high-quality, durable, and exceptionally beautiful rainbow reflective materials that provide great value to your products.

Reflective material is a material that has spheres of tiny glass beads that reflects light to an observer when illuminated by light from a source like a vehicle headlamp.

They are mostly used on clothing and road signs to increase visibility and safety at night. A reflective material used on clothing has about 50000 tiny glass beads on each square inch.

XW Reflective manufactures two types of rainbow reflective materials. They are Rainbow Reflective Fabric and Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Rainbow Reflective Fabric is a type of reflective fabric applied on clothes. It is normally dark at day but reflects different colours at night when it is illuminated by light.  It has a unique ability to flex depending on the type of printing reflective powder or coating reflective film applied to the surface of normal polyester fabric. Rainbow reflective fabric makes clothes or apparel more visible when applied on them.

Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is very popular in the sportswear industry due to its amazing holographic effects. Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is cut into unique designs, characters, logos, numbers, letters and applied on various fabrics like sportswear, caps, bags, shoes through heat transfer.

Rainbow reflective material is a type of reflective material but the only difference is that rainbow reflective material reflects different colours when illuminated by light at night.

Normal reflective materials reflect only one colour or light when illuminated by light at night.

Rainbow reflective material has various unique applications which include:

  • Fashion clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Activewear
  • Work apparel
  • Sports, cycling, and other road-related sports shoes.
  • Reflective safety clothing
  • different business suit
  • Hats
  • Backpack
  • Outdoor activities,
  • Decorative trims, Other
  • Accessories to increase their visibility, etc

Rainbow reflective material is used in various industries due to its unique property to reflect different colours. Some of the well known industries that use rainbow reflective material for various applications are:

  • Fashion industry
  • Sports industry
  • The reflective apparel industry, etc.

XW Reflective supplies high performing and highly visible rainbow reflective material for the above-listed industries and other general industries. Depending on your industry and your project requirement, we can supply you with the right rainbow reflective material to make your project successful.

We can ship ordered rainbow reflective material to you within 3 working days when we have enough stock. In case we don’t have enough stock, shipping can be done within 7 to 10 working days.

XW Reflective specializes in high-quality, durable, and highly appealing rainbow reflective materials. As a leading reflective material manufacturer, we supply best-in-class and long-lasting rainbow reflective materials to our customers around the globe.

Our strict quality control measures, high capability, and unmatched expertise in the material reflective industry make us your one-stop supplier of long-lasting rainbow reflective materials.

Our rainbow reflective materials have unique and customized reflective patterns and they can be used on different base fabrics. They have high reflective performance and long lasting washing ability.

Our high quality and awesome multi-coloured patterns will make your products stand out and deliver amazing results. Get in touch with us today for the best-in-class rainbow reflective materials that would deliver excellent results for you.