Reflective sheeting is one of reflective product of XW Reflective, made by PVC / acrylic / PET or mix face film, our reflective material customers can choose the suitable reflective vinyl according to their product, reflective pvc films are good for digital print, reflective acrylic film is sutiable for screen print, PET reflective film can accpect plotter cutting, and all of them can be used to do UV printing.

Of course, if you have strict requirement about reflection value, we also provide different reflective sheeting with kinds of reflective value.

barricade sheeting

Commercial Grade Reflective Film

  • For Temporary Traffic Signs, Outdoor Advertisement Signs, Mining Signs
  • Face Film: PET, PET+Acrylic, Acrylic, PET+PVC, PET, Acrylic +PVC
  • Screen Print, Digital Print, Plotter Cut
  • Avg(Ra):10CIL/m², 25CIL/m²
  • Durability: 3 Years
  • Size: 1M*50M, 1.24M*45.7M, Customized Size
White and red Reflective barrier stirps rolls

Hazard Warning Type Reflective Film

  • Reflective Stripe Tape
  • For Barricade, Parking Lot, Utility Signs, Corner Guard
  • Face Film: PET, Acrylic
  • Interval: 3CM, 10CM, 12CM, 16CM, 20CM
  • Feature: Screen Print, Plotter Cut
  • 11-micron aluminum coating as standard
  • Avg(Ra): 5CIL/m²,10CIL/m²
Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

  • For Temporary Traffic Signage, Traffic Cones, Streets Signs, Caution Signs, Num Plate
  • Certified ASTM D4956 Type I & EN12899 RA1 & GBIT1883-2012
  • Face Film: PET, PTE+Acrylic, Acrylic
  • Durability: 3-Years, 5-Years, 7-Years.
  • Size: 1.24M*45.7M
  • Features: Screen Print, Plotter Cut, Emboss
  • Avg(Ra) : 40 CIL/㎡, 50 CIL/㎡, 80 CIL/㎡
license plate Reflective Sheeting

License Plate Reflective Sheeting

  • For Motor Plate, Number Plate
  • Face Film: Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic
  • Certificate: ISO 7591:1982
  • Hot Stamping, Embossing, Multicolor Printing, Laser/ Thermal Printing
  • Tensile Rate:≥130%
  • Strength:≥25N
  • Avg(Ra): >70 CIL/㎡
  • Durability: 5-Years
  • Size:131.2*300m, 120mm*300m, customized size
Conspicuity Tape pre-striped barricade sheeting

High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting Series

  • For Street Signs, Highway Signs, Regulatory Signs, Traffic Cones
  • Certified ASTM D4956 Type III & EN12899 RA2 & GBIT18833-2012
  • Durability:3-Years, 7-Years, 10-Years
  • Face Film: PC, PVC, PET, PET+Acrylic, Acrylic
  • Interval: 3CM, 10CM, 12CM, 16CM, 20CM
  • Feature: Screen Print, Plotter Cut
  • Size:1.24M*45.7M, 0.05M*50M
  • Avg(Ra): 250/46 CIL/㎡,280 CIL/㎡ , 250 CIL/㎡,220 CIL/㎡,200 CIL/㎡

♦Reflective Sheeting Products

XW Reflective provides different grade reflective film sheetings according to the different applications, you can find products by Grade, below you can see a Filter. Or you can just click sidebar go to grade pages.

Digital Printable PrIsmatic PVC Reflective Banner XW3900

XW3900 reflective flex banner is a cost-saving quality commercial grade reflective sheeting, with a short life span, PVC reflective sheeting also popular in the reflective vinyl market, because this reflective vinyl is cheaper than acrylic resin reflective vinyl, mainly apply for eco-solvent digital printing signage requiring durability of up to 1 year, such as fast-moving reflective advertising graphic, promotional building reflective signs, and outdoor construction reflective signs, etc.

Embossed 2 Layers License Plate Reflective Sheeting XW6200

Embossed number plate reflective sheeting XW6200 is enclosed beaded retro reflective sheeting, with 5 years outdoor life span. The features of Acrylic resin is flexible and tearable, suitable for using on embossable car license plate reflective tape in Spain and Africa.

Sign facing sticker

XW Reflective offers the added value of reflective products, which is reflective traffic signage sheeting, with already pre-cut and pre-printing, customers can saving the cutting and screen printing process, thus you can apply to aluminum or metal plate right way. The most popular shape is the triangle and circle.

Reflective Barrier Facing Stripe DIN67520 RA1 RA2

Reflective Barricade Tape is impact resistant and exceeds ASTM D4956 specifications for Type I and Type III and EN12899 RA1 and RA2. The reflective tape is designed for hazard warning barriers, road-end reflective barricades, and any equipment requiring a high visibility warning and conspicuity. The special design PMMA adhesive will adhere well to HDPE plastic drums and smooth concrete.  Reflective Barricade Tape usually have 3 kind of colors - white & red, yellow & black, yellow & red.

Reflective Signs Sheeting XW5300

XW5300 reflective sheeting for traffic sign is an acrylic resin coating, in a high quality, durable and enclosed lens glass beads material, which is design for non-critical traffic signage and commercial applications, such as for cars, motorcycles or wheels.  The surface of the reflective film is shining, this is the typical surface appearance for this type. 

Cold Resistant Reflective Vinyl XW5104 Hot sale in Russia

XW5104 Engineer Grade reflective vinyl is PET surface with PMMA / acrylic resin coating enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, this reflective backing material helps reflective sheeting to enhance the outdoor durability compare to PET solo, outdoor durable up to 5- 7 years. The advantage is the better operation, such as screen printing and lamination during low-temperature workshop conditions,  such as traffic sign market in Russia, UK.

5 Years Engineer Grade Reflective Films XW5200

XW5200 Acrylic Engineer Grade Reflective Film is a medium-intensity type,  this reflective film offer durable, outstanding quality and excellent value in a commercial application. XW5200 IS enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 5 years for non-specification temporary traffic signage where lower levels of retroreflectivity are adequate for visibility.  

Plotter Cutting Commercial/Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl XW5100

XW5100 PET Commercial Grade computer plotter cutting and die-cutting Reflective Sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed sealed into a rigid PET substrate. It is suitable for plotter cutting and UV digital print. Please do not use it for screen print, normal digital print etc.

Screen Print Hi Vis PET High Intensity Reflective Films XW1600

XW1600 PET High-Intensity Grade reflective sheeting is encapsulated lens beaded sealed with PET layers,  this retroreflective sheeting is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 3 years, mainly for temporary traffic signage, reflective letters, bike wheels, etc. Generally, PET is only can be plotter cutting, due to the surface is treatment PET which can also can be screen print.

Acrylic Coating Street Signs Reflective Sheeting XW1700

XW1700 High-Intensity Grade retroreflective sheeting is typically an encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective material, mainly supply in temporary traffic signing, construction zone signage, and delineators. The main difference with high-intensity grade reflective vinyl XW1800 is the top film, XW1700 is using acrylic coating onto PET vinyl, whereas XW1800 applies PMMA vinyl solo.

Pre-striped Barricade Reflective Sheeting XW3600

XW3600 PVC + Acrylic Commercial Grade Barrier sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto a substrate, with 3 years outdoor using life, support customized width up to 124CM. Moreover, this barricade reflective sheeting vinyl is suitable for plotter cutting and digital print, untearable. But please do not use it for screen print etc.

Screen Print PET Reflective Sheeting XW3500

XW3500 PET Corona screen printing film is an enclosed beaded retroreflective vinyl sheeting, consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto PET substrate, is designed for economical using, can reflect light to light source directly, enhance the visibility of the reflective final product, PET surface of reflective vinyl is corona treated and can be screen printed. So that this screen print PET reflective sheeting is intended for use on eco-solvent digital printing signage applications requiring durability of up to 1-3 years, mainly for reflective advertising graphic, reflective promotional signs, and labels.

Eco Solvent Digital Printable Custom Reflective Sign Sheeting XW3300

Eco solvent digital printable reflective sheeting is an enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, consists of retroreflective glass beads sealed onto the substrate, with PET +PVC topy layer, so that this reflective vinyl sheet can be used to plotter cutting and digital print. But please do not use this printable reflective PET & PVC sheeting on screen print etc.

Helmet Reflective Tape Plotter Cutting Screen Printable XW3200J

XW3200J Acrylic Reflective Film is an upgraded version of the XW3200 screen printing reflective tape, mainly designed fo helmets reflective tape, with higher reflection coefficient and cheap price, hot selling in the market of Southeast Asian countries, Brazil etc. As we all know, this reflecitve sheeting is suitable for helmets reflective sticker with Motorcycle.

Economic Embossed License Plate Reflective Sheeting XW6600

Number plate reflective sheeting is made of PMMA resin, usually designed for a security reflective license plate , can reflective the lighting of car headlight near the reflective plate, enhance the visibility of reflective license plate in the night driving and driving safety, totally in line with the conspicuity markings regulations by the government.

Front Adhesive Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting XW5600

XW5600 Car License Plate Grade reflective Vinyl is enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting intended for using of car license number plate in HK and UK, CLP Grade reflective sheeting. It requiring durability of up to 5 years. The adhesive is on the reflective side layer. The coefficient of Retroreflection will be much improved after sticking on the acrylic plate.

ISO7591 Embossed Reflective Number Plate Sheeting XW8200

Number plate reflective sheeting comes from professional reflective material supplier, with durable feature, has a logn life span up to 5 years or more, consisted of lens elements within a transparent resin, is mainly designed for a security license plate, can reflect the headlights of vehicles approaching the one carrying the plate.

CE High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1800

XW Reflective high-intensity grade is one type of reflective sheeting, with seal structure and 3 times high reflection value than engineer grade reflective vinyl, is a wide-angle reflection, help the drivers read the traffic signage information in time via reflective lighting from reflective signs, reduce the traffic accident probability, can be supplied in high way reflective traffic signages, road construction warning signs.  

Digital printing PVC High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting XW1500

XW1500 PVC High-Intensity Grade sheeting is supplied from 10 years' leading reflective material manufacturer, with advantages of factory price, long life span up to 3 years, quality raw reflective material, and best service, intended for use on signing applications, such as traffic cone sticker, warning triangle distance two way road, emergency triangle reflector kit , promotional signage etc.

Traffice Cone Sticker Reflective Sheeting XW1300

PC High-Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting is encapsulated lens enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting, with a good performance in high reflection, widely used on reflective sticker traffic cone sleeve, with features of die cutting and screen Printing.

♦ Reflective Sheeting Catalog Download

XW Reflective manufactures reflective sheeting in a different color, different reflective coefficient and making material, they are also used for different applications, for the road sign, highway sign, advertisement sign, traffic cones. You can download our catalog and choose the suitable one for you.

reflective sheeting catalogue
Reflective Material Catalog Download

♦ Easily find your prefer reflective vinyl sheeting

  • PVC Face Reflective Films are good for Digital Print
  • Acrylic Face Reflective Films are good for Screen Print
  • PET Face Reflective Vinyl is most economical, good for plotter cutting
  • ALL face reflective films can use for UV printing.

ALL product can make to REFLECTIVE TAPE as you requested.

♦ I want to find reflective material with certification!

WITH Certification and CAN BE certified is different. XW Reflective is  CE certified Reflective Material Manufacturer. Below products we  already have certification, thus they’re suitable for clients who needs certified reflective sheeting products.

If you haven’t found what you want, we are here to hearing your request. CONTACT US to check more!

♦ I don’t need the certification, just give me economic reflective material. 

Cheap is relative. In advertising application, reflection is not regulated, thus you might find following reflective products which are more competitive and suitable.

Product Name Model Durability RA Application
Plotter Cut Commercial Reflective Sheeting XW3100 1-3 Years 8 Temporary traffic signs
Reflective Sheeting Stickers  XW3200 1-3 Years 8 Motorcycles, Helmets
Digital Print Reflective Vinyl  XW3300 1-3 Years 8 Temporary traffic signs
Screen Print Reflective Sheeting XW3500 1-3 Years 8 Commercial warning signs

If you use it for advertising, XW3200 and XW3300 are both cool.

♦ I want to get a good reflection and good price reflective material!

ops! All of our reflective sheeting amterial has a good price at their level! Ok, here have some products you may like.

Product Name Model Durability RA Feature
Reflective Sheeting Acrylic Coating XW3102 3 Years 20 Construction traffic signs
Reflective Acrylic Sheeting Stickers  XW3200J 3 Years 20-30 Motorcycles, Helmet, Wheels
Reflective Sheeting Plotter Cutting  XW5100 3Years 30 Reflective letters, temporary traffic signs
Screen Print Commercial Acrylic Reflective Vinyl XW5200 5 Years 50 Road traffic signs

Reflective Stickers, the code is XW3200J we hot sale to Brazil, Southeast Asia, it’s good for helmet reflective sticker.

At final, we still hope you can CONTACT US to get help from our staff. We believe it’s the fastest and best way to find products!

♦ FAQ Guide of Reflective Sheeting

Retroreflective sheeting is self-adhesive retroreflective material, which is primarily used for traffic signages, this is to increase the nighttime visibility with the headlamps. This reflective sheeting also can apply for a scanning range of barcodes in the factory warehouse. Reflective sheeting is a kind of security film for the vehicle number plates, can be embossed and hot stamping onto aluminum, the watermarks always embedded into the reflective sheeting by XW Reflective, this is for the security purpose not to fraud the number plate.

The principle of retroreflection is reflecting light back towards its source, the simplest retroreflector is a glass sphere or bead, when a light beam, such as car headlight is directed at it, the majority of the light bounces off, but a certain amount of light will pass through the front surface, and it bent or refracted roughly towards the center of the rear surface. Some light hits the rear surface of the beads, refracted back to the original source.

Retroreflective sheeting is also called reflective sheeting, it is a self-adhesive reflective material, which is applied for road safety, vehicle registration plate, commercial signages, construction traffic warning signage.

Retroreflective sign face sheet material has two kinds of technologies, which are glass bead reflective sheeting and prismatic reflective sheeting. Prismatic is also a cube-corner reflector. The light such as the head beam entered close to the corners of the triangular base, reflected off the two nearest sides, and misses the third side. glass beads type reflective sheeting perform well on wide-angle, whereas prismatic reflective sheeting is much brighter,

Suitable substrate material.

It is recommended to stick on the clean and flat aluminum plate or stainless-steel plate after proper treatment. It is not recommended to stick directly on the surface of the plastic, rubber, wood, and other materials.

Of course, if you have demanded to past the reflective sheeting tape on other non-aluminum or non-stainless steel, please take measures according to the adaptability of the reflective film before pasting.

Treatment of substrate

The surface of the aluminum plate and stainless-steel plate just delivered is very smooth, which is not conducive to sticking. It is necessary to grind 400-500 sandpaper in a circular arc direction for pasting.

The reflective signs of the vehicle body shall be pasted on the surface of the car body which is free from obstruction, easy to see, flat and continuous, and free from dust, water, oil, rust, and paint layer warping.

Clean the substrate before laminating

Before pasting, the dust on the surface to be pasted shall be wiped off. The parts with oil stains and stains shall be removed with a soft cloth dipped in degreasing solvent or cleaning agent, and washed with clean water, and finally dried.

For the part where the paint has been soft, rusty, or warped, the paint shall be removed, the part shall be polished with sandpaper and antirust treatment shall be done, and finally, then the reflective sign of vehicle body could be pasted.

When you cannot paste directly.

When the surface of the car body can not be directly pasted with reflective marks, the body’s reflective marking should be pasted on the strip lining with a certain rigidity, strength, and anti-aging. Then the strip lining board is firmly pasted or riveted to the body.

Don’t affect the performance of the reflective sheeting

According to the introduction of the pasting method, the reflective sign of the car body shall not be drilled or slotted after pasting, otherwise, the performance of vehicle lighting and signal equipment will be affected.

Reflective sheeting rolls are available in different levels of reflective value, which come in commercial-grade, engineer grade (EG), high-intensity grade, high intensity prismatic (HIP), and diamond grade (DG). To apply for different grades of reflective sheeting, depending on the road traffic in your country, for example, if you are making traffic signages for highway, it is better to choose the high-intensity grade or high-intensity prismatic grade reflective sheeting. If you are making traffic signage for city road, countryside road signage, engineer grade reflective vinyl is your best choice.

The reflective sheeting for windows has two types, one is to reflect the sunlight, we do not produce this type of reflective film. another type is called second number plate, which is widely used in Mexico and USA, we do manufacturing this type of reflective sheeting. The unique is the adhesive is on front of reflective film, and stick onto car window.

This is NOT the product we produced, our reflective sheeting is for road traffic, car license plate, commercial sign, and vertical barrels.

Diamond grade reflective sheeting is a prismatic reflective sheeting with full cube construction, it will return 60% of the light back to the original lights, such as drivers on the road. Nowadays, cars getting more and more, the highway becomes much wider than before, to install diamond grade reflective sheeting, the reasons are speed is fast on the highway, and the road is wide.

HIP reflective sheeting is micro prismatic type, meets ASTM D4956 Type IV, this reflective vinyl is widely applied for traffic and road signs, barricades, vertical delineators.

Reflective tape is like a mirror, it sends light to the reflective tape, and the light will go in different directions. Retro-reflective material is made of micro-glass beads that coating onto acrylic resins, when the light sent to the glass beads, the amount of light will reflective back to the original light source.

Reflective T-shirt is also called a reflective vest, a reflective fashional safety clothing made of reflective material inlaid in the clothes. The manufacturing principle of reflective safety vest is to make use of heat transfer technology to print reflective materials on the T-shirt, or sew the polyester reflective strips on the T-shirt.

In terms of the safety effect of reflective clothing, when the relevant lines are illuminated, the reflective T-shirt will reflect the lighting, thus the reflective effect can be achieved. Moreover, this reflective vest can reflect the distant direct light back to the light-emitting place and has good retroreflective optical performance no matter in the day or night. So this reflective T-shirt can enhance the visibility of people in the night, ensure safety at night.

Fluorescent color always the best choice to be high visibility in the daytime or poor lights, add on reflective fabric tape, it will enhance the visibility at night time.


XW Reflective are looking forward to wholesale reflective material distributor to coopreate, if you are, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.