Reflective Vinyl for Construction Zone & Work Zone

Reflective vinyl has a wide application in industry, can be applied as industrial marking tapes,industrial floor marking tape to tell passerby what happened here, remind them keep away from construction zone & work zone via an eye-catching reflective signs. 

Reflective Vinyl for Construction Zone & Work Zone

XW Reflective factory supplies elastic reflective tape, which is made of PE material. And the color of reflective sleeve: white, yellow, red and other colors are available.

Reflective signs for Construction Zone & Work Zone

Generally used for road isolation, isolation and protection of property communities, classification and arrangement of parking spaces, municipal construction, isolation and protection of public activities, highway road toll gates, urban road intersections, pedestrian crossings, temporary partition roads, partition danger or prohibition The area and the two ends of the traffic railing can be used in conjunction with disposable warning belts, warning chains, warning links, etc.

reflective sheeting road safety reflective sheeting road safety
Mode Durability Reflection Film Thickness Face film Release Liner
Screen print reflective vinyl XW3102 3 years 30 115mics PET+Acrylic 115g
Russian reflective sheeting XW5102 5 years 50 150mics PET+Acrylic 130g
Commercial grade reflective sheeting XW5200 5 years 50 115mics Acrylic 130g

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