Glowing heat transfer vinyl tape

XW Reflective mainly provides kinds of reflective material since 1985s, with rich experience in the reflective filed. XW Reflective has two types of reflective products – reflective fabric & reflective sheeting.

Glowing heat transfer vinyl tape is one of the new types of self-luminous heat transfer film products, which is broadly used in the pattern DIY of clothing and leather.

It is an environmental and ideal clothing accessory, With advantages of excellent stretch, flexible and anti-water-resistant.

In the meantime, we also control all 16-production procedures in the manufacturing process, to guaranteeing the beautiful product color and glow reflectance of every roll of heat transfer film.

Production Process of Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape:

The reed heat transfer printing process is a process of transferring the decorative patterns from the heat transfer printing onto the surface of the decorative building materials by heating the heat transfer printing film at once.

In the process of heat transfer printing, the protective layer and pattern layer are separated from the polyester substrate by the combined action of heat and pressure, and the whole decorative layer is permanently bonded with the substrate by hot-melt adhesive. Heat transfer film is made of polyethylene film as lining paper printed with wood grain decorative layer. The surface is coated with a protective layer, a base color layer, a stripping layer and a hot-melt adhesive layer.

Glowing heat transfer vinyl tape1

Application of Glowing Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape:

Glowing Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape, it is widely used in casual wear, sportswear, fashion, hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective equipment, can also be made into various types of jewelry.

Glowing Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape improved nighttime safety, while adding a lot of fashion beautiful elements.

Glowing heat transfer vinyl tape application

Care Instructions of Glowing Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape:

For best care we suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours before washing your garment.

Suggest to turn item inside out and washing in cold water.

Suggest to dry on low setting or hang dry item for best care.

Suggest to stay away from using chlorine bleach.

Features of Glowing Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape:

1.In the day time: Pink-In the dark will look like pink.

2.In the day time: Orange- In the dark will look like Orange.

3.In the day time: white- In the dark will look like Green.

4.In the day time: white- In the dark will look like blue

5.In the day time: Yellow-In the dark will look like yellow green.

High Quality Glow in The Dark Htv Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl for Garments

Heat Transfer Film, Heat Transfer Printing Film:

1. All the printing oil is safe and poisons free with international standard

2. Can add high values to the products for vivid patterns and live colors.

3. Strong adhesion and wear resistance after transfer printing, also can increase product value and strengthen market competitive ability

4.Suitable for plastic (PP, ABS, AS, PET, PVC), metal, wood, bamboo, leather etc.

5.Widely used on household goods, stationery, cosmetics, electric appliance and toys etc.

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