♦ Reflective License Plate Film Products

Embossed License Plate Reflective Sheeting XW6200

Embossed number plate reflective sheeting XW6200 is enclosed beaded retro reflective sheeting, with 5 years outdoor life span. The features of Acrylic resin is flexible and tearable, suitable for using on embossable car license plate reflective tape in Spain and Africa.

5 Years Engineer Grade Reflective Films XW5200

XW5200 Acrylic Engineer Grade Reflective Film is a medium-intensity type,  this reflective film offer durable, outstanding quality and excellent value in a commercial application. XW5200 IS enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting which is intended for use on signing applications requiring durability of up to 5 years for non-specification temporary traffic signage where lower levels of retroreflectivity are adequate for visibility.  

Economic Embossed License Plate Reflective Sheeting XW6600

Number plate reflective sheeting is made of PMMA resin, usually designed for a security reflective license plate , can reflective the lighting of car headlight near the reflective plate, enhance the visibility of reflective license plate in the night driving and driving safety, totally in line with the conspicuity markings regulations by the government.

Front Adhesive Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting XW5600

XW5600 Car License Plate Grade reflective Vinyl is enclosed beaded retroreflective sheeting intended for using of car license number plate in HK and UK, CLP Grade reflective sheeting. It requiring durability of up to 5 years. The adhesive is on the reflective side layer. The coefficient of Retroreflection will be much improved after sticking on the acrylic plate.

ISO7591 Embossed Reflective Number Plate Sheeting XW8200

Number plate reflective sheeting comes from professional reflective material supplier, with durable feature, has a logn life span up to 5 years or more, consisted of lens elements within a transparent resin, is mainly designed for a security license plate, can reflect the headlights of vehicles approaching the one carrying the plate.

Reflective License Plate Sheeting Laser Printing

Reflective License plate sheeting is designed for license plate in UK, Spain, France, South Africa.  The application is laser printing and thermal transfer. The top layer is premier frosted PMMA, up to 5 years outdoor exposure with the material. Normally white and yellow are most world widely use. White is for private vehicles, yellow is for commercial cars. The final number plate is required to combine clear plate either PMMA, PVC or PET with reflective sheeting, the transparent plastic plate will protect the reflective sheeting. 

The one works best for you

According to different laws in the worldwide countries for the license plate reflective sheeting, thus XW Reflective list some of our regular reflective material and hope to help you find what you want. 

♦ Embossed License Plate Reflective

Embossed number plate reflective sheetingEmbossed Reflective Sheeting is the most widely used reflective car license plate. XW provide different kind of Embossing Films, which are XW8200 reflective vinyl, XW6600 reflective sheeting and XW5200 reflective vinyl for license plate.

XW8200 reflective plate sheeting has ISO7591 certified, commonly used in legally recognized car license plate reflective sheeting, special license plates, etc. Europe, Brazil, India, Mexico are qualified for it.

XW6600 license plate reflective sheeting for motor plate is Non-regulated, mostly used as reflective motor plate, custom reflective vinyl plate. And this reflective vinyl sheeting is also used as a reflective license plate for some countries which no specific legal supervision of license plates. The advantage is cost saving.

XW5200 enginner grade reflectve films are used for reflective embossing plate in Spain and Africa, It’s regulated.

XW8200 reflective sheeting needs work with hot stamping foils, which XW5200 enginner grade reflective film does not need. It will coating black into onto alumium, thus subsitite the hot stamping foils. After embossing the letters, peeling off the reflective film and aluminium foil.

You can find sheet below for a quick compare. And learn them more from their details pages. You can also click CONTACT US to get more suggestions or sample from us.

Product Name Model Durability Tensile Strength Retroreflection Feature
reflective plate sheeting XW8200 5 Years ≥130% ≧25N 70 Hot Stamping; Embossing; Multicolor Printing
license plate reflective sheeting XW6600 3 Years ≥130% ≥20N 15 Hot Stamping; Embossing; Multicolor Printing
Embossed license plate reflective sheeting XW5200 5 Years / / 50 Screen print; Plotter cutting

♦ Non-adhesive Number Plate Reflective 

Retroreflective european number plates films XW 7201

XW7201 number plate reflective laser sheeting design for Laser/Themal printing, good sale at HongKong and Europe, especially the UK and Spain. The vinyl is non-adhesive, Frosted Acrylic face film backing with 75 mics PET.

As a special product, its initial reflection coefficient is low, but after apply to Acrylic plate (Or other plate) the reflective can reach 50 CIL/Square Meter.

Product Durability RA Feature
XW7201reflective laser sheeting 5 Years 50 Multicolor Printing; Laser/thermal printing

♦ Adhesive On Reflective Layer License Plate Vinyl

XW5600 HK Car License Plate Grade Reflective SheetingXW5600 reflective sheeting vinyl is very hot selling in HongKong, South Africa, and UK. this reflective heat transfer vinyl film has a very shiny surface, and the adhesive area on the surface of the reflective layer.

Product Durability RA Feature
Reflective sheeting for license plate (XW5600) 5 Years 50 adhesive are on the surface


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