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XW Reflective is a professional reflective fabric supplier, reflective sheeting and reflective tape manufacturer, specializing in the development and research of reflective materials since 2010, mainly manufactures and provides reflective sheeting, reflective fabric, enclosed glass beaded type reflective sheeting, reflective fabric, photoluminescent films, rainbow reflective fabric, self-luminous exit signs, etc.
XW Reflective factory covers an area of 3600 square meters, produces high-quality reflective material products with kinds of certifications like ASTM D4956, EN12899, CE, ISO9001, CCC, etc. Sales channels expand from China to more than 20 countries, such as Turkey, the UK, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, etc.


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Reflective Sheeting

Reflective sheeting is one of the reflective product of XW Reflective Manufacturer, made by PVC / acrylic / PET or mix face film, our reflective material customers can choose the suitable reflective vinyl according to their product, acrylic type typically designed for the car license plate reflective vinyl, reflective PVC films are good for digital print, reflective acrylic film is suitable for screen print, PET reflective film can accept plotter cutting, and all of them can be used to do UV printing. In addition, if you have strict requirements about reflection value, we also provide different reflective sheeting with kinds of reflective value.

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Reflective Fabric

Reflective fabric for clothing is made of the substrate, composite adhesive, reflective layer, and glass beads, widely used for outdoor safety reflective products, such as safety equipment, safety uniforms, work clothing, sanitation clothing. and these reflective safety products’ application benefits from the reflective effect of the reflective fabric tape. So XW Reflective transfers the microbeads to the cloth base through the aluminized plant film to achieve the reflective effect of reflective fabric tape. Moreover, whether day or night, Reflective fabric always express excellent retroreflective feature, can reflect the direct light from a long distance back to the luminous place. As we all know, there are kinds of reflective material in the market, the most common reflective fabric materials are reflective chemical fiber cloth and reflective T / C cloth.

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Luminescent Film

Photoluminescent film is also named glow in dark film, which is made of glow in dark powder and PVC or PET layers. This luminescent film absorbs ambient light, can be charged by any source of lights as long as strong than 25LX light intensity, such as a standard lamp, and this luminescent film can glow high-intensity initial lighting in the range 2-10 hours’ time, then with the time goes by, this luminescent film slowly decreases lighting intensity after 2-10 hours. Of course, the specific high-intensity glowing time of photoluminescent film depends on different level of the luminescent film. So this luminescent vinyl film is a self power signs, because the film requires no extra illumination to glow. In daytime, the photoluminescent film show greenish colour, and it glows bright green in the dark.

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Applications of Reflective Materials

 Final products

Final Reflective Product

XW Reflective can be made as many reflective safety product in traffic relective safety signs, advertising eye-catching poster and reflective clothing fashion industry, such as traffic reflective signs, reflective triangles, reflective jacket, safety vest, reflective clothing, safety jacket, reflective stickers etc. Moreover, XW Reflective also provide rainbow reflective fabric to increase the color changing according the markets’ requirements.

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About XW Reflective

♦ Production of Reflective Material Manufacturing

XW Reflective Material Supplier 

XW Reflective supplier is a fully subsidiary of Da Wei Decor, established in 2010, with USD 20 million investment as well as own 6 advanced reflective sheeting production lines & 3 sets of printing machines, our total factory area is 36000 sqm.
The founder Mr. Chen began his family business from a small house with only USD 1200 initial funds in 1985, with the continuous efforts and development of the sales and engineers of XW Reflective and Da Wei Decor. At the same time, XW Reflective had enough investment to expand our factory, built the QC department & sales office.
In 2015, XW Reflective focuses on exporting. XW Reflective always believes business should be Win-Win, we provide quality products and best after-sales services to our reflective vinyl customers, then our customers will make long cooperation with XW Reflective in the long term.
“Quality is the soul of our reflective product, business is based on sincerity” is our principle, if you agree with us and you are interested in our reflective material fabric products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.