Dear Customers
Sorry to inform you that XW Reflective factory will be delayed to start till 10th Feb. affected by the novel coronavirus happening (in the beginning we plan to back on 1st Feb.) But our sales team will be available all the time, kindly contact us for any doubts, worries.
Now lessening the group activities is the best and efficient method to prevent more infections during the spring festival with many people need to move from one city to another one for working. Indeed, everyone is following this instruction in China for support and self-protection. 
1. For orders under production and waiting for production, we will keep you informed of the updating, and thanks for your patience and understandings. We will try our best to arrange the goods and the shipment accordingly. Samples required will also be arranged after we back.
2. If you had plans of visiting China during Feb., I could consider delaying the trip as well, in case of any inconvenience. For any support, do not hesitate to contact us.
3. Shanghai APPP exhibition (scheduled on 4-7th March 2020) will be postponed. I will let you know the finalized date with details ASAP. Please make some adjustments to your schedule during this period.
Apologies for all the delays and please take good care of yourself during the virus season.

See you soon, and thanks again for your support to the XW team, and to every Chinese supplier.
All the best! 
XW Reflective Exporting Team