Which material for license plate reflective film?

License plate reflective film is a reflective material dedicated to vehicles reflective license plate sticker and reflective num plate on the motorbike, made of a reflective layer formed by glass beads and some polymer materials like PVC or Acrylic coating, with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The functions of reflective car license plate.

In terms of reflective sheeting performance, the license plate reflective tape can provide laser anti-counterfeiting content via anti-counterfeiting technology, which is a type of highly advanced and economical security technology, embeds the shimmering anti-counterfeiting pattern inside the reflective film, help people distinguish the authenticity.

As far as the current status of this reflective license plate product in China, the number plate used on a vehicle in the mainland of China is 92 type plate: Paste flexible reflective film on the aluminum plate, then punch out the number using a professional emboss machine, finally to screenprint color on the number.

For example, the commercial vehicle license plate reflective film, such as buses are usually used a yellow background with black num words. So, it uses yellow reflective sheeting tape laminated onto the aluminum plate, and then punch out the number on the aluminum plate with reflective tape, finally to print black color on the words by black ink. The final reflective license plate made by this process has non-reflective number words but reflective tape under the num.

Application of reflective sheeting film.

In fact, XW Reflective manufacturer has kinds of different reflective products, such as reflective acrylic tape, PVC self-adhesive sheet, PET+acrylic reflective sheeting, PET reflective sheeting, Acrylic coating street signs and other mix material reflective vinyl. In addition to the application of the license plate reflective film, reflective sheeting is also used for safety signs, street signs, traffic signage, pinstripe tape and so on.