The Application of Reflective sheeting

We always find it difficult to distinguish the reflective sheeting from the reflective marking tape. In fact, They are similar in some ways.

The reflective vinyl is mainly used to make various reflective signs, vehicle number plates, safety facilities, etc. in the daytime, The reflective sheeting plays an obvious warning role with its bright color. In the night or under the condition of insufficient light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance the recognition ability of people and drivers, which makes us see the target clearly, and guide people Alert, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses.

Because of its superior performance in road traffic safety, the reflective sheeting becomes an indispensable safety guard of road traffic, brings obvious social benefits. The Application of the Reflective vinyl tape: guide sign; prohibition sign, warning sign, and indication sign as well as the sign used for ground advertisement.

reflective sheeting for traffic signs

The Application of Reflective marking tape

Reflective marking tape, also known as preformed road reflective tape, is a new type of reflective material formed by the combination of a flexible polymer, pigment, and glass bead. And the reflective marking tape is mainly applied in road surface indication: such as zebra crossing, the double solid line in the center, lane boundary, text, arrow, etc. And the reflective tape is also suitable for asphalt and cement.

The types of reflective marking tape can be divided into the anti-pollution tape, temporary reflective marking tape, temporary anti-pollution tape.

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pavement reflective marking tape