Why Reflective Material?

Reflective materials include cast iron hand press pump reflective film, reflective cloth, and reflective sheeting, always are made as reflective tape, reflective signs, different patterns reflective fabric. Reflective sheeting is always used in traffic road safety, and reflective fabric mainly used for clothing sewing,

But why reflective material for this application? What does the role of reflective material play in these applications? You will get the answer in the following.

With the rapid development of science & technology and the transportation industry, people also pay more attention to road safety, thus it is important to reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

In this situation, the application of reflective sheeting vinyl is widely used whether, in the highway, ordinary sidewalk, road or bridge, and other places, effectively improved the safety of the road at night.

how does reflective fabric work

Reflective sheeting plays an important role in the field of advertising and traffic safety and has achieved good results.

Traffic Safety:

The traffic signs made as reflective sheeting can reflect bright and clear light under the illumination of the night lights, which play an important role to help the drivers see the driving situation clearly – safety warning or prohibition sign.

Thus, the reflective sheeting products are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring traffic safety.

reflective sheeting work zone

  • Application of reflective film on highway traffic signs:

According to the environment and position of the highways, they divide into different level, with different design speeds, thus our country always uses different levels of reflective film to make signs- reflective traffic signs.

Generally, the roads that are designed with fast speed require reflective films with high retroreflective coefficients and strong reflective brightness. So, we can see the high-intensity reflective sheeting signs on the expressways, expressways, first-class highways, etc.

highway reflective traffic sign

In recent years, some rich cities also use the high level reflective sheeting to make signs for road signs, which are both beautiful and improve safety performance.

trafic delineator application

In common, the middle reflective sheetings are always used in some slow speed designed highways such as provincial roads and national highways.

reflective sheeting for slow speed

Some temporary signs usually use low-level reflective vinyl films.

What role of reflective sheeting in road safety? 

1. Sharp turn: the reflective material can reflect the light into the drivers and passerby in a long-distance, can remind of the drivers when meeting a sharp turn. So we always can see the reflective tapes on the warning plate at the sharp turn.

2. Areas with frequent accidents: The high-intensity reflective sheeting plays an important role in the areas of frequent accidents, reflects the headlight lighting into the original lamp and reflects lighting with a wide-angle.

Thus the high-intensity reflective vinyl sheeting with the feature of wide-angle is usually used in highway, reflective truck tapes.

3. Construction safety:In order to avoid the safety accident, we always paste some eye-catching reflective signs around the construction building, which can attract people’s attention, and notice them keep away from the construction area.

Of course, in the field of road traffic safety products, the reflective film is mainly used in road signs, anti-collision cones, temporary construction signs, emergency reflective signs, etc.


5. Truck signs at night: In fact, vehicle body reflective tape is a kind of mobile traffic safety reflective sign. It can clearly outline the body contour of large vehicles at night, improve the identifiability of vehicles, and actively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Undoubtedly, the use of reflective film material makes driving and road have higher safety, which not only ensures the safety of drivers and pedestrians but also makes the traffic operation more convenient.

In general, reflective sheeting can be used as a road and Bridge billboard, building construction frame advertisement, lightbox, advertisement label, car body advertisement, screen advertisement, reflective barricade sheeting, and so on.

  • Application of reflective license plate:

Take 92-type license plates as an example:

  1. Paste the acrylic resin reflective film vinyl on the aluminum plate
  2. Use the special license plate machine to stamp out the number.
  3. Silk-print the color on the number.

number plate reflective sheeting factory

If the license plate is black on a yellow background, then use the yellow reflective sheeting film to silk-print black ink. This reflective film has a reflective feature and the number is non-reflective.

Paste a flexible reflective film on the aluminum plate (usually a license plate-grade reflective film), use a special machine to stamp out the number, and then silk-print the color on the number. If the license plate is black on a yellow background, use the yellow reflective film to silk-print black Ink, the license plate processed by this process is non-reflective and reflective, usually, after a period of use, the ink often comes off, and the whole
The block license plate turns into a color, and the Guangdong license plate is made using this process;
2) Paste a reflective film with good flexibility on the aluminum plate (usually a license plate-grade reflective film is used), and then silk-print, if the license plate is white on a blue background, use a white reflective film with blue ink silk-screen, and then stamp out the number. The water wipes off the ink on the number. The reflective plate of the license plate processed by this process is not reflective. Now the license plate of Hunan Province is made using this process; in 2002, the 02-style personalized license plate was launched in Beijing,
Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou were launched as pilot projects. The process was completely different. After half a year of the pilot program, it was discontinued due to various reasons.

  • Application of reflective tape on the truck:

According to the requirements of relevant national departments, if the goods reach or exceed a certain weight, the drivers must stick the reflective tape or reflective signs on the truck or trailer to show the outline, so that the drivers can find the truck early and avoid the unnecessary traffic accidents – vehicle marking tape.

reflective trailor tape

  • Car Body Sticker

Car body reflective advertisement

Warning signs:

  • Signs, road signs, factory indication system, house number


reflective sheeting for traffic signs

Attractive Signs:

  • Equipment and safety signs

Industry marking tapes

reflective sheeting road safety reflective sheeting road safety

  • Advertising and industry logo

     Advertisement reflective sheeting: The advertisements made of reflective materials have good visibility performance at night. The vehicles passing by can clearly see the broad outline and the figure of pedestrians, which makes it easier for drivers to distinguish obstacles and pedestrians at night.


Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

  • Public welfare signs

reflective sheeting for industry

  • Other more applications

barricade reflective tape

Reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is a kind of clothing fabric, with the reflective feature, so it can be sewed as fashional clothing, sportswear, decorative reflective tape reflective helmet, safety vest, traffic police cloth and so on.



Application of reflective fabric – Reflective Vest

Reflective T-shirt: is also known as the reflective vest or luminous vest.
On the T-shirt, there are many reflective tapes made of a special material, that reflects light strongly, made of base backing material & reflective material.
Generally, reflective material is processed in the main parts of clothing by sewing, hot stamping, and other processes, which are used for personal protection at night or in bad weather.
For example, if the light is very dark, common clothes can’t reflect light, so it’s not going to be seen. But the special material on this kind of reflective clothing can reflect the most light, and it can be seen far away.

What role of the reflective vest in our daily life? 

The frequent occurrence of traffic accidents makes us feel sad, and travel safety is what we all must care about. In the Western European countries, like the general students on a trip, or go out for activities, they all wear reflective clothing or reflective vest. Eye-catching reflective vests, reflective clothing can remind the driver to pay attention to driving safety. Eye-catching reflective clothing can be seen for the first time, so, in order to go out safely, reflective vest, or reflective clothing is essential.

Nowadays, people seldom use reflective clothing in their daily life. When we go out on the road, they can only see the traffic police on the road, or the workers working outside will wear a reflective vest and reflective clothing on duty or work.

Therefore, we think that the people of our whole society should consider whether we have done a good job in terms of travel safety. We believe reflective vest and reflective clothing will be the essential safety guarantee for your travel safety!

The excellent visual properties of the materials are not only used for safety warning,at present, more and more famous sports and leisure brands at home and abroad use it in clothing, shoes, hats, bags to achieve the purpose of improving the beauty and highlighting the product personality.

As can be seen, reflective materials have been closely related to our lives, and more and more closely with our lives. The application of reflective materials has gradually penetrated into people’s daily life, providing a guarantee for everyone’s travel safety.

If you are interested in reflective vinyl for traffic or promotion, please contact XW Reflective for more details. If you are a reflective vest manufacturer, please contact us for a quick quote about reflective tape or reflective clothing too.