Retroreflective Fabric Makes Clothing Fashion

For the fashional trend of clothing development, the retroreflective fabric joins the design of fashional clothing. As usual, the reflective fabric is always sewed on the clothing, vest to make as safety clothing, protect the people from traffic accidents by its reflective feature at poor lighting environment.

But now, the color reflective fabric is also used for fashionable clothing, the glass beads on the retro reflective fabric surface can reflect high brightness colors lighting, absorb people’s eyes, you will feel you get much attention when you wear the reflective fashion clothing on the night market.

reflective fashinal clothing, rainbow reflective jacket

The reflective function of retroreflective fabric is very eye-catching under the poor lighting situation, specially designed on the clothing at the details. The high visibility reflective feature will make the reflective fabric reflect the lighting to the lighting source and show high bright sliver or orange color lighting.  Therefore, the retroreflective fabric becomes a trending fabric for clothing design, the same as the popular work cloth type.

sliver reflective sports clothing

In recent years, the use of this reflective fabric tape has become more frequent because of the concept of “uniform” design coming from many famous brands. When designing clothing is around the construction work cloth as inspiration, the iconic reflective tape is naturally applied to more items.

How to make reflective clothing?

A reflective jacket is always made of reflective fabric or sewed reflective tapes. The reflective T-shirt is always sewed with some reflective tapes on the frame of the body, or paste reflective heat transfer vinyl on the T-shirt, you can paste reflective heat vinyl by iron.

children safety vest for traffic safety

The function of reflective strips

The function of reflective strips on the clothing is to reflect the surrounding light at night, so that the night driver can find the employees wearing reflective clothes, reduce accidents, and provide a safety guarantee for night workers.

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