Reflective fabric is a retroreflective material which is used in products like safety jacket, garments, outdoor sports wearing, and fashion clothes. This fabric reflects light back to the light source, making it an excellent material that can be used for safety and effective visibility especially during the night time to identify an object. To put it in simple words, the reflective fabric only is visible brightly when one views the fabric in an angle of the light source, however, when it is viewed from other directions then the fabric appears non-reflective just like any normal material. Reflective fabrics are made of a base cloth that is coated with adhesives and micro glass beads or prism. There are certain technologies like coating and hot pressing methods used in order for this fabric to be made into a retroreflective fabric.

These reflective tapes are of two types:

Micro glass bead – The latest manufacturing process is used in producing glass beads. It is produced from selected index 1.93 reflective glass beads which makes it reflective and chemical resistant. When lights enter these glass beads, it retracts and then reflects. The ability that these glass beads have to bend the path of light is measured by its index of reflection. So, the higher the quality of the refractive index of the glass bead, the better it reflects light. The micro-glass beads are also coated half with aluminum to create the retro-reflective effect in fabrics.

Micro Prismatic – Micro prismatic product has sharp angles like prisms or cube corners which are 2-3 times brighter when compared to the micro glass bead. This is because a micro prism utilizes total internal reflection of light while bouncing back to the light source; hence, there is no wastage of light. Micro prismatic retroreflective materials have a smooth sealed outer surface which helps in protecting and enabling the retroreflective material to work even when it is wet and more efficiently in creating a brighter light.
Another important feature of retroreflective sheeting material is its color. This is because the human eye responds to colors and it is detected that fluorescent colors are recognized from a distance than any other standard colors. Hence, retro-reflective fabrics have fluorescent colors that help in protecting and safeguarding when in danger.

Retroreflective Tape 

The retroreflective tape is very important for enhancing high visibility in garments. There is a standard specification of photometric requirements, color, and placement of the tape on the garments. Retroreflective tapes are durable and contain high strength adhesive which is used for marking areas or objects. These tapes are ideal for outdoor use as it is pressure sensitive and can withstand any adverse weather conditions like extreme heat or cold conditions. They come in various colors ranging from white, yellow to orange, green and fluorescent colors. It is also user-friendly which means it is easy to apply as well as easy to keep the surface clean. There are 2 types of Retroreflective tapes.

Perforated Flame Resistant reflective tape :

Perforated FR reflective tape in recent years has been the new market trend and is widely used on garments for safety reasons. This is because the perforated flame resistant reflective tape is more breathable when compared with flame resistant reflective tape. The flame-resistant reflective tape is made of flame-resistant treated cotton material and is not breathable and makes it very uncomfortable for the person wearing it.

Choosing XW Reflective for Perforated Flame Resistant reflective tape 

XW Reflective has the world-class perforated flame resistant reflective tape which is the premium because the material used for the perforated tape is breathable and allows quick release of steam. It is the most preferred material of firefighters because it can effectively avoid getting overheated when in the fire. The following are some amazing details of XW Reflective Perforated Flame Resistant reflective tape.


Material – Ultra-lightweight, breathable made from premium quality cotton or aramid fiber which is heat resistant and strong material.
Application – Highly recommended for medium and heavyweight fabrics and safety protection products.
Width – Available in 5cm/ 7cm or the perforated flame resistant reflective tape can be customized according to the requirement.
Colors – Available in the normal colors silver, yellow-silver-yellow, orange-silver-orange or can be customized based on the requirement.
Care and Wash – Suitable for domestic washing and industrial laundry.
Certification – XW Reflective Perforated flame resistant reflective tape meets all the required standards
Size – Customized according to the requirement.
Pattern – The design, density, and spacing of the holes is customized according to the requirement.



1. Embedded with micro glass beads and back sealed with white PVC sheet.
2.Great reflection performance
3.Highly durable and resistant to abrasion

Segmented Reflective Tape 

Segmented reflective tape is widely used as a fashion designer for sportswear and outdoor products like safety work vests, motorcycle/bicycle vests, bags, and tents. At night and even when it is low-light, this material has a significant effect on the visibility. Segmented reflective tape can be plotter cut or laser machine depending on the design and logo required.

Choosing XW Reflective for Segment reflective heat transfer vinyl

XW Reflective is one of the leading manufacturers of Segment reflective heat transfer vinyl. Fabric for sportswear has some elasticity and so XW Reflective segmented reflective tape is the best choice for sportswear as the segmented pattern on the tape makes it stretchable and is excellent for elastic fabric making the designs of the product look fashionable.


Material – Ultra-lightweight, breathable made from premium quality PVC and Acrylic material. The segmented pattern makes the reflective material more flexible
Application – Highly recommended for sewing on garments like sportswear and outdoor products like caps, bags and shoes.
Width – Available in 5cm or can be customized according to the requirement.
Colors – Available in normal colors like white and fluorescent yellow or can be customized based on the requirement.
Care and Wash – Suitable for 10 domestic wash and can vary according to the condition of the fabric and heat transfer.
Certification – XW Reflective Segmented reflective heat transfer vinyl tape meets all the standards required making it the ideal choice
Size – Customized according to the requirement.
Pattern – Can be customized into a small square, W style, brick style, rhombus style or even plain without any pattern.



1. Composed of micro-prismatic vinyl and back sealed with white PVC sheet.
2.Perfect choice for runners and cyclists
3.Flame and water-resistant
4.Highly durable and resistant to abrasion.