How do reflective vests play a real role in safety protection?

In the streets, we always can see people wearing safety clothing, and there are some reflective tapes sewed on the top cloth or pants, and the common color is fluorescent yellow or fluorescent yellow. A qualified reflective suit will protect your life in a continuous period of time. How do these reflective shirts and safety vests keep wearer’s safety? How does the safety clothing work to keep your safety?

safety vest in day and night


How do these reflective shirts and safety vests keep wearer’s safety?

Composition of reflective clothing: polyester fabric + reflective tapes

About why safety clothing can keep you safe, we need to analyze the composition of reflective clothing – polyester fabric + reflective tapes.  The key role in safety clothing is reflective strips sewed on the cloth, it plays a most important role in safety at night, and the polyester fabric is also eye-catching in a day.

Fluorescent Fabric Keep Safety During a Day

Organge reflective vest

The fluorescent molecules of fluorescent fabric absorb short-wavelength light, especially ultraviolet light, and then emit visible light with lower energy and a longer wavelength, so that fluorescent fabric show dazzling eye-catching lighting to you, can provide higher brightness and color contrast than the surrounding environment, with strong visual effect.

Reflective Fabric Keep Safety At Night


Therefore, the fluorescent fabric has high visibility and a warning effect during the day. Fluorescent fabric only can emit light in the day, not emit light in a dark environment.

But the reflective strips on the reflective clothing can reflect the incident light back in the direction of the light source at night.

Due to the performance of reflective fabric on the safety clothing, the reflective strips tape can greatly enhance the wearer’s visibility when meeting the lighting of the car, thereby protecting the life safety of the wearer to the greatest extent.

reflective safety vest for engineer

In a summary:

Reflective clothing is composed of fluorescent fabrics and reflective materials, which can maximize the visibility of the wearer during the day or at night, so you can get multiple protections even when working in a dark environment!

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